How to save web pages on your Android phone to view them offline

Saving pages offline, even if they contain videos, can be a convenient way to read long articles without consuming data traffic

While surfing the Internet, it often happens that you come across a very interesting page or article but maybe at that moment you don't have time to read them. No problem, just download the page of the website for offline reading and you can resume it at any time.

Downloading pages for offline reading on Android smartphones is also a great way to not consume data traffic of your phone subscription or too much battery. Luckily, saving an article for reading without a connection on Android is really easy and you don't need any specific knowledge. It only takes a few clicks to do it. Also because Google has recently updated its mobile web browser Chrome for Android to give users the opportunity to read internet pages offline.

How to save pages on Chrome

There is more than one way to download a web page from Chrome to your Android smartphone. One of the quickest methods is to click "Download Link". This feature is available when you long press on a link. But for the inexperienced, just click on the download icon (it's the one with the downward-pointing arrow) that is located on the displayed page. To access the icon just select the menu, marked by the three vertical dots. Moreover, if we are offline and we are on a page that is already displayed, we can download the page by clicking on the link. To do this, just click on "Download Page Later". If we decide to start this operation, the page will be downloaded as soon as we are reconnected to the network. Both Wi-Fi and data. This method comes in very handy when you are reading a web page offline and you want to download the page to which a link refers but at that moment you can't connect.

Offline Page Management

To check all downloaded pages Google has created a special tag that is called not surprisingly offline. This tag is applied to all pages saved for reading without connection and they are grouped in a list that can be viewed and modified at any time by the user. This is a new feature, released in May 2017 by Google and in order to use it you need to download the latest update from Play Store of Chrome browser.

Pages with multimedia content

What to do in case our pages to be saved have multimedia content, such as photos and videos, and we would like to save those for viewing without connection as well? No problem. The feature released in December 2016 by Google for Chrome mobile allows you to save everything your web pages contain, and therefore also photos and videos. The Download feature also saves multimedia content locally. Finally, remember that streaming content, such as Netflix videos or social live streams, cannot be downloaded in this way.