How to scan double-sided documents with Android

Do you need to scan double-sided documents but don't have a scanner? Now you can do it with the Android ID Card and Tax Code app

You often have the need to scan and send ID cards and other documents. Unfortunately, not everyone has a scanner and printer and it becomes difficult to accomplish this action quickly. Fortunately, there's an Android app that allows you to scan front and back documents with ease.

It's called ID Card and Tax Code and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store where it boasts an excellent score and several positive reviews from users. The free download includes the inclusion of the app's logo in the scanned documents, which you can remove by adding an in-app charge of €2.59. In short, ID Card and Tax Code is promising and can be used on both Android smartphones and tablets. Here's how to download it and how it works.

Scanning documents front and back: just an app

The ID Card and Tax Code app allows you to scan any kind of double-sided document, and can be used especially by those who have to perform these actions for several clients and collaborators. The result is very professional.

The tool turns smartphones and tablets into real scanners: front and back documents are merged into a single page in PDF format. The app works with image format files, which are generally captured by the device's camera, but can also be sent via email or WhatsApp. Every image and photo is turned into a PDF with just a few clicks.

How does ID Card and Social Security Number work?

The app can be downloaded from the Play Store. At the end of the installation process, it asks for permission to access photos, files and multimedia items on the device, and of course the camera.

In addition to the scanner function, ID Card and Tax Code also has an internal editor that lets you work on the quality of the images. For example, you can straighten images and make them black and white or color. It also offers a list of all the generated contents and supports the old formats of ID card and tax code.

After launching the app, you'll be shown a layout divided into boxes that must be filled with the images you want to convert. After creating the document, you can send it to third parties via the most common channels: from email to WhatsApp.

To install the app you need to have an Android 5.0 or later operating system.