How to see Instagram post likes

Instagram has eliminated likes: users can no longer see how many people have liked posts. But there are tricks to finding out. Here's what they are

Instagram is retiring a feature widely used by influencers: the number of hearts received by a post. They're gone, no one can know the exact number for each individual post. We don't know yet if it is a definitive or temporary decision, but the news has already alarmed users, especially influencers, who thanks to followers and hearts have made their fortune.

But why the company of Mark Zuckerberg has decided to obscure the number of appreciations under the images? The goal is to stimulate users to focus on the quality of the published image, without being conditioned by the accumulated "likes". The app had already warned users several months ago, but tests were officially launched in Italy last week. The novelty concerns about one billion users who constantly use the social network. Fortunately, nothing is lost: those who want to know the number of likes of a content can resort to some stratagems.

Why did Instagram decide to obscure the likes?

The obscuring of the likes is the result of a strategic choice that affects influencers, social media managers, celebrities and all those who use social to achieve success. Unfortunately, some inflate results with ad-hoc purchased Like packages. This behavior risks making low-quality content stand out, at the expense of content that deserves more attention. In fact, people tend to give their appreciation to successful images, while if a post has received a small amount of consensus it is likely to go unnoticed. Many users have not reacted positively to the novelty, but fortunately there are solutions to circumvent the function of Instagram.

How to see the hidden likes on Instagram: all the tricks

The first way, and also the most effective and reliable, to see how many likes a content has obtained is to access Instagram via your computer. If, on the other hand, you want to have a general idea about the amount of people who have liked a piece of content, you can tap on the item "others" which has replaced the number of likes. You'll have a complete list of all the users who have liked it, and if you own the account you'll also be able to see the precise number of people. Finally, to make the number of likes known you can send the link of the content to a WhatsApp contact, who will have to open it not with the app but with the browser.

These tricks to see the little hearts on Instagram will be able to satisfy even the most curious. For the rest, all that's left to do is wait: Instagram might turn what seems like an experiment into a permanent feature.