How to see Inter – Napoli live streaming

At 20:30 at the San Siro stadium, Inter face Napoli, the last match of the eighteenth day of Serie A: here's how to watch the match in streaming

Inter -Napoli is the big match of the eighteenth day of Serie A, which is played on Boxing Day. San Siro will host the match between the second and third in the league, so far the only two teams that seem to be able to bother Juventus, although the Bianconeri have eight points ahead of the partenopei and sixteen on the neroazzurri. Here's how to see Inter - Napoli live streaming.

Inter arrive at the challenge after the disappointing draw at home of Chievo Verona, reached in the 90th minute by the goal of Pellissier. Napoli, on the other hand, won their last match at home against Spal, thanks also to Meret's saves in full recovery. For the team coached by Spalletti, it is the last chance to stay hooked to the fight for second place: a draw or a defeat would allow Napoli to face the next matches with more tranquillity. Napoli, on the other hand, will have to win if they do not want to lose further ground on Juventus, committed in Bergamo against Atalanta. Spalletti and Ancelotti have prepared the two matches in the best possible way and will deploy the two starting lineups. Here's how to follow Inter - Napoli live streaming for free on SkyGo.

Inter - Napoli: how to watch the match on TV and schedules

Inter - Napoli is a SkySport exclusive and will be broadcast on SkySport Uno and SkySport Serie A (respectively channel 201 and channel 202 of the Sky schedule). The match will also be visible on digital terrestrial on one of the channels available on Sky. Kickoff is set for 20:30 on December 26.

How to watch Inter - Napoli live streaming on SkyGo

Inter - Napoli is the big match of the first Italian "Boxing Day". The match will be played on Boxing Day evening and will draw a large audience, both at the stadium and on TV. If you can't follow the match on your television at home, you have the possibility to watch Inter-Napoli live streaming on SkyGo, the online platform of the broadcaster. To use SkyGo (here is our article on how to configure the service) you need to be a Sky subscriber and use one of the supported devices. To install SkyGo on computers, smartphones and tablets you need to download the application from Sky's website or from the Google Play Store and App Store. Once the program is installed, you will be able to launch SkyGo on your device. To see Inter - Napoli in live streaming is necessary to enter the credentials of your Sky account and then press on "TV Channels". A new window will open with all the channels available on SkyGo and scrolling down you will find both SkySport Uno and SkySport Serie A. Selecting one of the two channels and pressing the "Play" icon will start the streaming of Inter - Napoli and you can watch the match. Kick-off is set for 20:30.