How to see on TV and streaming the Palio di Siena on August 16, 2019

Today is running the Palio di Siena 2019 dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption. Here are the contrade that will take part in the race and how to watch it in streaming on RAI

As it happens every year, on August 16 today the Palio di Siena dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption is run. Of the two races held every year, it is definitely the most heartfelt and the most followed by fans. In this edition of the Palio di Siena 2019 of Our Lady of the Assumption are 10 contrade that will compete: Porcupine, Dragon, Eagle, Panther, Goose, Wild, Caterpillar, Tower, Snail and Wave that will start running.

In addition to the extraction of the order of entry have also been assigned the ten horses that will compete in Piazza del Campo. Lucky draw for Onda, Selva and Istrice that have drawn Porto Alabe, Remorex and Oppio, the three horses that have already won the Palio of Siena in the past. Alla Torre è capitato Violenta Da Clodio, che sebbene non abbia mai vinto la corsa equestre è ritenuto uno dei cavalli più forti del lotto. Le prove che si sono disputate nei giorni precedenti il Palio sono state vinte dall’Istrice, che si candida a essere una della contrade favorite per la vittoria. Il Palio di Siena 2019 del 16 agosto verrà trasmesso in diretta televisiva su Rai 2 dalle ore 16:15. Per gli appassionati c’è anche lo streaming gratis dell’evento su RaiPlay.

Palio di Siena del 16 agosto 2019: le contrade

Le contrade che si sfidano per il Palio di Siena 2019 per ordine di entrata sono:

  • Istrice,
  • Drago,
  • Aquila,
  • Pantera,
  • Oca,
  • Selva,
  • Bruco,
  • Torre,
  • Chiocciola
  • Onda di rincorsa

Palio di Siena del 16 agosto 2019: the favorites

Many times the Palio is decided with the extraction of the horses: the luckiest contrade get in dowry the horses that already in the past have triumphed in Piazza del Campo. This time the blindfolded goddess has kissed the contrade dell'Onda, della Selva and dell'Istrice that have obtained the horses Porto Alabe, Remorex and Oppio.

Palio di Siena, August 16, 2019: timetable

The entry of the horses in Piazza del Campo should be around 18:15. The start of the Palio di Siena 2019 does not have a predetermined time: it depends on many factors, including the agreements between contrade.

Where to see the Palio di Siena della Madonna dell'Assunta on TV

As it has been happening for decades now, it will be RAI to broadcast live television of the Palio di Siena della Madonna dell'Assunta. The race will be aired on Rai 2: appointment with the live TV broadcast from 18:10.

How to watch the Palio di Siena of August 16, 2019 in free streaming

If you are enjoying the well-deserved summer vacations, you can watch the Palio of August 16, 2019 in live streaming on RaiPlay, the streaming platform of the State TV. To use RaiPlay you don't need to be a subscriber, but just subscribe to the service for free.

To see in Palio di Siena 2019 streaming you need to launch RaiPlay, press on Dirette and then select Rai Due. Within a few seconds the streaming of the race will start.