How to see Serie A 2018-2019 live streaming

On August 18, Serie A 2018-2019 starts: in each round 7 matches will be exclusive on Sky, the remaining 3 on DAZN. Here's how to watch them in streaming

On August 18, the hunt for the Scudetto starts again. After a summer spent watching the World Cup and watching the summer friendlies of your favorite team, it's finally time for the Serie A. The 2108-2019 season promises to be very interesting and full of novelties.

It will be the first season of the "calcio spezzatino": the matches will be played in eight different time slots. It will start on Saturday with the first match at 3:00 p.m. (which can be brought forward to Friday night in the case of the Champions League) and will continue with a match at 6:00 p.m. and another at 8:30 p.m. On Sundays, we start at lunchtime (12:30) and continue with three games at 3:00 pm. Sunday closes with a 6:00 p.m. game and an 8:30 p.m. game. Finally, the day of the championship will be completed by the "Monday Night" with the Monday night match that will start at 8:30 pm.

The other novelty concerns the television rights: to see all the matches it will be necessary to have two subscriptions. In fact, the TV rights for the three-year period 2018-2021 have been acquired by Sky and DAZN: the satellite broadcaster will exclusively broadcast 7 matches (for a total of 266 games), while the new TV platform has exclusive rights on the remaining 3 matches (for a total of 114 games). Mediaset Premium, which until last year broadcast most of the matches on digital terrestrial, has been left out and only thanks to an agreement with DAZN will allow its users to see 3 matches for each round of the championship.

In addition to the home television, the 2018-2019 Serie A can also be followed in direct streaming on the online platforms of the various television broadcasters. DAZN, being a TV platform that works only online, will broadcast all its matches in streaming (you will not need neither a dish nor a TV antenna, but only an Internet connection).

How to watch the 2018-2019 Serie A live streaming on SkyGo

Sky has obtained exclusive rights on most of the Serie A matches: 266 matches out of 380 in total and 16 big matches out of 20. For this new season Sky has also landed on digital terrestrial with an ad hoc offer and two channels dedicated entirely to sport. In addition, for those who do not want to subscribe to satellite TV, there is the option Now TV, Sky's online television that broadcasts the same channels on satellite.

In addition to all this, there is also SkyGo, Sky's online platform to see the channels in live streaming. On SkyGo you can watch live streaming of the matches of the 2018/2019 Serie A, all you need is a subscription to the soccer and sports package. To watch Serie A 2018-2019 live streaming for free on SkyGo you need to log into the platform with your Sky account and connect to one of the Sport channels that is broadcasting the match you want to see.

How to watch Serie A 2018-2019 live streaming on DAZN

DAZN (read Da-Zone) is the new online platform dedicated to sports that has acquired the TV rights to broadcast 3 league matches for each round. DAZN will broadcast the Saturday night game at 20:30, the Sunday advance at 12:30 and a Sunday game at 15:00. In addition, DAZN will be able to broadcast four big matches throughout the year.

The platform is owned by the Perform Group, a multinational company specializing in the transmission of sports events. DAZN is a real novelty for the Italian market, which has remained anchored to digital and satellite television. The operation is very similar to that of Netflix: you pay a monthly subscription (9.99 euros) and you have access to all content (in addition to the Serie A, DAZN has purchased the rights to broadcast the Serie B, Ligue 1, the Spanish League, MLB and NHL). To watch DAZN you need an internet connection: all matches are streamed.

To watch the Serie A 2018-2019 live streaming on DAZN you need to subscribe, access the platform and click on the channel that is broadcasting the match you want to watch. All very easy and fast. DAZN is compatible with many devices: Samsung smart TV, LG and Android TV, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, Android and iOS smartphones, computers and dongles (Google Chromecast and Fire TV Stick).

How to follow the Serie A 2018-2019 live streaming on Mediaset Premium

The pay TV of the Biscione has called off the race for television rights, but still managed to snag an agreement with DAZN to let its subscribers see 3 matches a week. Mediaset Premium customers, in fact, will be able to register for free to DAZN using their customer code and for the whole year they will have free access to DAZN.

How to see DAZN matches live streaming on Sky

Also Sky has struck a deal with DAZN to allow its customers to have access to all the matches of the 2018-2019 season. But the subscription to DAZN will not be free as it is for Mediaset Premium customers: Sky users who want to subscribe to DAZN will be able to buy a ticket lasting one month, three months or nine months. The price for the monthly ticket is 7.99 euros, for that of three months, 21.99 euros, while for nine months will have to pay 59.90 euros. Even Sky customers will have to see DAZN matches in live streaming.