How to see the 2019 Davis Cup on TV and streaming

From November 18 to 24, the 2019 Davis Cup is played, in a new format wanted by the International Federation. Here's how to see Italy's matches on TV

From November 18 to 24 in Madrid the 2019 Davis Cup will be played, the first edition with the new format. In order to revive an event that in recent years had lost some interest and that had seen many tennis players not participate in the various annual events, the International Federation has decided to "outsource" the brand to a group of Spanish investors who have guaranteed proceeds for 3 billion dollars in twenty-five years.

The format of the 2019 Davis Cup is completely different from what we are used to. The event is played in a single week in Madrid. There are 18 nations participating (including Italy) divided into six groups of three. The first and second best qualify for the quarter finals that will begin on Thursday evening. On Saturday the semifinals and on Sunday the final. Each challenge between nations has three matches: two singles and one doubles. In case of 2-0 after the two singles matches, it is compulsory to play the doubles match as well, unless the referee deems it impractical due to a disturbance or an external factor that cannot be eliminated. Each match is at the best of three sets with a decisive tie-break.

A new formula that has made many tennis players turn up their noses, but that certainly fascinates for the way it is done and for the possibility of seeing the best players in the world in the space of a week. Italy is in Group G with the United States and Canada, challenges that are very difficult on paper and that will force the Azzurri to play at their best. The television rights of the 2019 Davis Cup have been obtained by Supertennis TV, a channel on the digital terrestrial and satellite platform. La Coppa Davis 2019 si può vedere anche in streaming sul sito di Supertennis TV.

Gruppi Coppa Davis 2019

Sei gironi formati da tre squadre ognuno, con le prime e le due migliori seconde qualificate ai quarti di finale che inizieranno giovedì sera.


  • Francia
  • Serbia
  • Giappone


  • Spagna
  • Croazia
  • Russia


  • Argentina
  • Cile
  • Germania

Gruppo D

  • Belgio
  • Australia
  • Colombia

Gruppo E

  • Gran Bretagna
  • Kazakhstan
  • Olanda

Gruppo F

  • Stati Uniti
  • Italia
  • Canada

Calendario Coppa Davis 2019

Ecco il calendario completo della nuova Coppa Davis 2019.

Lunedì 18 novembre

Centre Court, ore 16 – Croazia vs Russia
Stadium 2, ore 16 – Canada vs ITALIA
Stadium 3, ore 16 – Belgio vs Colombia

Martedì 19 novembre

Centre Court, ore 11 – Argentina vs Cile
Stadium 2, ore 11 – Francia vs Giappone
Stadium 3, ore 11 – Kazakistan vs Olanda

Centre Court, ore 18 – Spagna vs Russia
Stadium 2, ore 18 – Stati Uniti vs Canada
Stadium 3, ore 18 – Australia vs Colombia

Mercoledì 20 novembre

Centre Court, ore 11 – Argentina vs Germania
Stadium 2, ore 11 – Serbia vs Giappone
Stadium 3, ore 11 – Gran Bretagna vs Olanda

Centre Court, ore 18 – Croazia vs Spagna
Stadium 2, ore 18 – Stati Uniti vs ITALIA
Stadium 3, ore 18 – Belgio vs Australia

Giovedì 21 novembre

Centre Court, ore 11 – Francia vs Serbia
Stadium 2, ore 11 – Germania vs Cile
Stadium 3, ore 11 – Gran Bretagna vs Kazakistan

Centre Court, ore 18 – quarti: vincitore Gruppo D vs vincitore Gruppo F

Venerdì 22 novembre

Centre Court, ore 11 – quarti: vincitore Gruppo A vs una migliore seconda

Centre Court, ore 18 – quarti: vincitore Gruppo B vs altra migliore seconda
Stadium 2, ore 18 – quarti: vincitore Gruppo E vs vincitore Gruppo C

Sabato 23 novembre

Centre Court, ore 11 – semifinale (parte alta del tabellone)

Centre Court, ore 18 – semifinale (parte bassa del tabellone)

Domenica 24 novembre

Centre Court, ore 16 – finale

Quando gioca l’Italia nella Coppa Davis 2019

L’Italia sarà subito in campo. It will make its debut on Monday, November 18 at 4:00 pm against Canada and then play on Wednesday, November 20 against the United States at 6:00 pm.

Italy's summonses for the 2019 Davis Cup

The Italian national team has taken the commitment seriously and captain Corrado Barazzutti has summoned the best tennis players of the moment (excluding Sinner who at the time of the summonses was still not definitely exploding). Here are the choices made by the captain: Matteo Berrettini, Fabio Fognini, Lorenzo Sonego, Andrea Seppi, Simone Bolelli.

Italy certainly doesn't start with the favors of prediction, but the goal is to get through the round and then play for everything. We'll see how far the Azzurri will be able to go.

How to watch the 2019 Davis Cup on TV

The 2019 Davis Cup TV rights have been acquired by Supertennis TV, a channel managed by the Italian Tennis Federation. Supertennis TV is available free-to-air on digital terrestrial on channel 64 and for Sky subscribers on channel 224. To watch the Davis Cup 2019 on TV just tune in to Supertennis TV and you will surely find a match or the analysis of the experts of the FIT channel.

How to watch the Davis Cup 2019 in free streaming

For those who can not follow the Davis Cup 2019 on TV there is the possibility to see the matches of Italy in free streaming on the site of Supertennis TV. There is no need to register on the website or to pay a subscription, but only to have a good Internet connection.

To watch Davis Cup 2019 free streaming you need to open the browser from your device, enter the URL of Supertennis TV website and wait for the homepage to load. Among the various banners in the HP you will also find the one dedicated to live streaming: click on it and the live online streaming of the 2019 Davis Cup will start