How to see the Champions League live streaming for free

The emotions of the Champions League start again, here are the new schedules of the European competition and how to see the matches streaming for free

The most awaited international soccer competition of the season is back: the Champions League. This year there will also be four Italian teams (Roma, Inter, Napoli and Juventus) that will try to oust Real Madrid, with a strong European dominance that has lasted for three years now.

The 2018-2019 edition will be one of the returns: our country, after years of waiting, will return to have four teams enrolled in the maximum European competition, while on the television front there will be the alternation between Mediaset (and Mediaset Premium) with Sky and RAI. The satellite television operator, in fact, has acquired the rights to the Champions League for the next three years, ceding part of them to RAI, which will broadcast live on free to air the best match of the Italian teams every Wednesday. If you do not want to miss a single match, you can watch the Champions League 2018/2019 live streaming for free: you just need to know the schedules of the Champions Cup 18/19 and the channels that will broadcast the matches.

Champions League: tv schedules

As per tradition, the Champions League is played on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The big news this year, however, are the times. No longer the classic 20:45 for European challenges and 18:00 for matches played in the countries further east like Russia. The new times of the Champions 2018-19 are 18:55 or 21 depending on the schedule chosen by UEFA itself. Just to give an example, Inter-Tottenham is played at 18:55. From the round of 16 onwards, however, the times will be the same for everyone: 21 o'clock.

How to see the Champion League live streaming with SkyGo

If we are subscribers to Sky Sports we will see all the matches of the upcoming Champions League. In addition to individual matches we will also have interviews, studio insights and links with the various fields of play to really know everything about the main European competition. If for work or personal reasons in the hours of the games we should not be sitting comfortably on the couch at home with pizza and beer at hand we can always follow the Champions League live streaming through the platform SkyGo. How to use it? Very simple, we download the official application for smartphones or tablets or connect to the dedicated website from our laptop. We enter our credentials, which we can register in the private area of the Sky website, and once inside connect to the SkySport channel that broadcasts our favorite team.

How to see the Champions League live streaming for free on RaiPlay

If we are not subscribers to Sky the alternative is to follow the match on Wednesday on Rai. Even here we will have connections from the studio and interviews in the post-match. If we are not at home we use the site or the application RaiPlay to follow the Champions League streaming. Once inside the app or portal connect to the channel Rai 1 to follow the live broadcast of the match.