How to see the Copa America 2019 on TV and streaming

From June 15 to July 7, the Copa America 2019, the most important football tournament in South America, takes place. For the 2019 edition are twelve national teams present at the event: in addition to the ten of South America (Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela) have also been invited Qatar and Japan. The Copa America 2019 will be played in Brazil in six stadiums that have already hosted the 2014 World Cup.

This is the last Copa America to be played in odd years: from the next edition it will be at the same time as the European Championships. For this reason, already next year there will be the Copa America 2020. But let's focus on this edition. Brazil presents itself with a young national team, but with players with excellent technical qualities. The verdeoro don't want to disappoint their fans and have only one goal: to raise the Copa America 2019. They will have to deal, however, with Leo Messi's Argentina: the Barcelona phenomenon has returned to the national team to finally win a trophy. Watch out also for Chile, winner of the Copa America del Centenario and who arrives in Brazil with a very experienced team.

The television rights of the Copa America 2019 have been purchased by DAZN, the on-demand platform born last summer and which has exclusively broadcast over one hundred and eighty matches of the 2018/2019 Serie A. To see the Copa America 2019 in streaming you must have a subscription to the platform.

Copa America 2019: the rounds

There are twelve teams participating in the Copa America 2019. In addition to the 10 South American nations, Qatar, fresh winner of the 2019 Asian Cup, and Japan have also been invited. In total there are 3 groups of 4 teams.

Girone A: Brazil, Bolivia, Venezuela, Peru

Girone B: Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay, Qatar

Girone C: Uruguay, Ecuador, Japan, Chile (defending champion)

Copa America 2019: date and time of the matches


SATURDAY JUNE 15: Brazil-Bolivia (2.30 at Morumbi in Sao Paulo) Venezuela-Peru (9 p.m. in Porto Alegre)

SUNDAY, JUNE 16: Argentina-Colombia (00 a.m. in Salvador de Bahia) Paraguay-Qatar (9 p.m. in Rio de Janeiro)

Monday, JUNE 17: Uruguay-Ecuador (00 a.m. in Belo Horizonte)

Tuesday, JUNE 18: Bolivia-Peru (11.30 in Rio de Janeiro)

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 19: Brazil-Venezuela (2:30 p.m. in Salvador de Bahia) Colombia-Qatar (11:30 p.m. at the Morumbi in Sao Paulo)

THURSDAY, JUNE 20: Argentina-Paraguay (2.30 a.m. in Belo Horizonte)

Friday, JUNE 21: Uruguay-Japan (1 p.m. in Porto Alegre) Ecuador-Chile (1 p.m. in Salvador de Bahia)

SATURDAY, JUNE 22: Peru-Brazil (9 p.m. at Arena Corinthians in Sao Paulo) Bolivia-Venezuela (9 p.m. in Belo Horizonte)

SUNDAY, JUNE 23: Qatar-Argentina (9 p.m. in Porto Alegre) Colombia-Paraguay (9 p.m. in Salvador de Bahia)

THURSDAY, JUNE 25: Chile-Uruguay (1 p.m. in Rio de Janeiro) Ecuador-Japan (1 p.m. in Belo Horizonte)


Friday, JUNE 28: Match 1: First A-Third B/C (2.30 in Porto Alegre) Match 2: Second A-Second B (9 p.m. in Rio de Janeiro)

SATURDAY JUNE 29: Match 3: First B-Second C (9 p.m. at Arena Corinthians in São Paulo) Match 4: First C-Third A/B (9 p.m. in Salvador de Bahia)


WEDNESDAY JULY 3: Winner 1-Winner 2 (2.30 in Belo Horizonte)

THURSDAY JULY 4: Winner 3-Winner 4 (2.30 in Porto Alegre)


SATURDAY JULY 6: Third-place final (9 p.m. at Arena Corinthians in São Paulo)

SUNDAY JULY 7: Grand Final (10 p.m. in Rio de Janeiro)

Copa America 2019: where to play

After the 2014 World Cup, Brazil is hosting another major event at the international level: the Copa America 2019. There will be six stadiums where the matches will be played: Morumbi and Corinthians Arena in São Paulo, Minerao in Belo Horizonte, Maracanà in Rio de Janeiro, Itaipava Arena Fonte Nova in Salvador de Bahia and Arena do Gremio in Porto Alegre.

Copa America 2019: the favorites

The Copa America 2019 will be a five-way fight: Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Colombia.

Brazil comes to the event with a very young national team with interesting players. The greenoro are the number one favorite to win Copa America 2019, being also the host nation. Argentina lines up Leo Messi, who has returned to the national team hoping to finally give the albiceleste a success. Chile arrives in Brazil not with the favor of the odds, but being the defending champions they want to defend the trophy until the end. Uruguay has on its side an excellent World Cup played in Russia and a national team capable of producing a different talent every year. In the list of pretenders there is also Colombia, a very technical team that wants to try to win at least one trophy at international level.

Where to see the Copa America 2019 on TV

The matches of the Copa America 2019 will not be broadcast on TV, but only on demand on DAZN. In order to watch Copa America 2019 on TV, you need to have a smart TV with the DAZN application installed.

How to watch Copa America 2019 streaming on DAZN

The easiest way to watch Copa America is by streaming. DAZN, in fact, is an on-demand platform and spreads its signal on the Net. To watch the Copa America 2019 in streaming  you need to be subscribed to DAZN (9.99 euros per month, with the first 30 days free) and use one of the supported devices (computer, tablet, console, smartphone, smart TV and dongle). The DAZN app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and App Store.

To follow the Copa America 2019 live streaming for free you need to launch DAZN, press on the "Sports" item and then on "Soccer". A page will open with all the events available in streaming and clicking on the Copa America banner present at the bottom will take you to a new section dedicated to the event. Here you will find a banner dedicated to each match: by clicking on the one you are interested in, the Copa America 2019 streaming will start.

Being an on-demand service, you can review the Copa America 2019 matches in streaming at any time.