How to see the Europa League live streaming for free

The chase of Milan and Lazio to the Europa League begins, here are the match schedules and how to follow them live streaming on SkyGo and TV8 for free

Will Milan and Lazio manage to get to Baku? No, this is not a geographical question, but a sporting one. The essence of the question, in fact, is whether the two Italian teams will be able to make their way in the Europa League and get to play the final that, in fact, will be played at the Olympic Stadium in the Azerbaijani capital.

To find out, you just have to watch all the matches of the two teams, which from Thursday, September 20 will begin their ride with the first day of the group stage. As has been the case for the past two years, the matches will be broadcast by Sky, which has purchased the rights for Italy for the next three years, and TV8, which has the rights to broadcast one match a week on digital terrestrial TV. On both SkySport and TV8, in addition to the matches, we will be able to follow in-depth reports from the studio before each match and also interviews with players and coaches in the post-match period. And if you can't see Milan or Lazio on TV in the Europa League, don't despair. You can always watch the Europa League 2018-19 live streaming for free from your smartphone or PC.

Europa League 2018-19: new TV schedules

As seen for the Champions League, the Europa League also changes the starting whistle times of the matches. The matches will always be played on Thursdays, with a first round at 18:55 and a second round at 21.

How to watch the Europa League live streaming for free on SkyGo

If we are SkySport subscribers we will be able to follow all the matches of the new season of the Europa League. And we can also decide whether to follow a single match or watch all the challenges in unison thanks to Diretta Gol Europa League.

If we do not have the opportunity to watch the various matches of AC Milan and Lazio from the sofa and the TV at home. we can always follow the goals and actions of the Europa League thanks to the platform for streaming and on demand SkyGo. How does it work? To see the old UEFA Cup live streaming for free just download the application on your smartphone or PC, enter your credentials and wait for the interface of the platform to load. Once inside we look for the Sports channel where our favorite team is broadcast and press Play to start cheering.

How to see the Europa League live streaming for free on TV8

If we are not subscribers to Sky and do not want to go every Thursday to the bar to see the Europa League the alternative is to follow the free challenge that will be broadcast every week on TV8. And if we are not at home at 18.55 or 21? No worries, we take our smartphone, tablet or notebook and connect to the official website of TV8. Once inside we go to the live section and we can start watching the Europa League match live streaming for free. It is not necessary to register or subscribe to any type of subscription.