How to see The Ferragnez streaming for free

From December 9 you can see the TV series The Ferragnez streaming for free: here's how to do it on smart TV, smartphone, tablet and PC.

After months of waiting the moment has arrived: the TV series "The Ferragnez" is finally available on Amazon Prime Video. In recent months between announcements on social media, trailers and images posted on the Net has created a great hype about this TV series that will tell the last months of one of the most famous Italian couples in the world. From Leone's birthday, to the announcement of Vittoria's birth, all the most important moments will be retraced, with the cameras also capturing some of the most intimate moments of the Ferragni-Fedez couple, such as the couple's therapy session.

The TV series, which is actually more of a docu-reality similar to many others already produced in the United States, will show the whole extended family: Ferragni's sisters and parents will be part of it, along with Fedez's parents. The TV series has been available on Amazon Prime Video since December 9 and has been distributed simultaneously in over 240 countries. As it happens with major productions, the episodes were not released all at once: the first five on December 9, while the last three on December 16. To watch The Ferragnez you need to be an Amazon Prime subscriber, which allows access to Amazon Prime Video. Grazie ad Amazon Prime è possibile guardare The Ferragnez anche in streaming gratis su qualsiasi dispositivo : smart TV, computer, tablet, smartphone e console.

The Ferragnez: quando va in onda

Le prime cinque puntate di The Ferragnez sono disponibili su Amazon Prime Video dal 9 dicembre, mentre le ultime tre saranno pubblicate il 16 dicembre. Ogni puntata ha un tema differente e solitamente hanno una durata di circa 35-40 minuti.

  • Puntata 1 – It’s Christimas Time – 9 dicembre
  • Puntata 2 – Opposites Attract – 9 dicembre
  • Puntata 3 – Star & Groupie – 9 dicembre
  • Puntata 4 – In Your Shoes – 9 dicembre
  • Puntata 5 – Baby Shower – 9 dicembre
  • Puntata 6 – 16 dicembre
  • Puntata 7 – 16 dicembre
  • Puntata 8 – 16 dicembre

Anticipazioni The Ferragnez

Il trailer ci ha già anticipato quali saranno i temi principali che verranno trattati nel docu-reality: the relationship between Chiara Ferragni and Fedez, the small (and big) daily fights, the relationship with their son Leone and the birth of little Vittoria. There will also be space for the extended family, with the central role of Chiara Ferragni's sisters and the parents of both. There will also be space for Fedez's participation in Sanremo in the past edition.

For the Italian market, The Ferragnez is an absolute novelty, but in the world there have already been similar examples that have been very successful, just think of the TV series on the Kardashian family.

How to see The Ferragnez in streaming

The Ferragnez is an exclusive Amazon Prime Video production and you can see it on the online platform. Logically, there is also the possibility to follow The Ferragnez streaming for free, but you have to be an Amazon Prime subscriber. For those who are not yet subscribed, there is the possibility to sign up on Amazon Prime and have a 30-day free trial, without having to pay anything. At the end of the thirty days, Amazon Prime automatically renews at $36/year, but there is an option to discontinue the subscription at the end of the free trial. To sign up for Amazon Prime just click here.

Amazon Prime doesn't just allow you to stream The Ferragnez for free, but it offers many benefits: access to all Amazon Prime Video content, free and fast delivery on purchases made on e-commerce, the ability to watch the best match of Wednesday's Italian in Champiosn League for free, unlimited storage space for pictures, free subscription to a Twitch channel, early access to deals, Amazon Music, hundreds of books on Prime reading and 30 free days on Audible.

To watch The Ferragnez streaming for free, then, you need to log into Amazon Prime Video using your Amazon Prime credentials and hit the banner dedicated to the TV series. It will open the page dedicated to the docu-reality and pressing the "Play" icon next to the first episode, the free streaming of The Ferragnez will start. Amazon Prime Video is available for smart TVs, smartphones, tablets and PCs.


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