How to see your 2018 year on Facebook

Facebook is starting to show the video with the memories of our 2018 to all users, here's how to share it with our friends

Also 2018 is coming to an end and with December 31 approaching, it's nice to relive the most exciting, beautiful and fun moments of this 2018. How to do it? Simple, just use the function "Your Year" on Facebook to relive the last 12 months between posts, photos and comments online.

The video "Your Year on Facebook" is composed of the photos and posts that we have published or in which we have been tagged and that have received more likes and comments. In a nutshell, it's those moments we've shared with our friends that have generated the most interest on social media. The Your Year video appears directly on their home page: the release by Facebook has already begun and within a few days it will be available to all members. But if we haven't seen it yet, we can look for it in the Memories section. Obviously once viewed, if we liked it, we can decide to share the video directly on our wall.

How to see your year 2018 on Facebook

To see the video that Facebook has prepared to celebrate and greet 2018 we have to make a single click. If the social media has already proposed it to us on our news feed we will just press play on the video, otherwise if Facebook has not shown us the movie we can search for it manually. If we look on the left side of the Facebook home page we will notice a list of functions. Under the heading Explore we'll find the option Memories and that's where we have to click. A new tab will open with a report of the posts and photos we have published on Facebook in the past years on a given day (for example, if we open the section on December 12, inside we will find what we published on December 12 one, two, three years ago). But the first piece of information will be Your Year itself. Here we will find the video of our 2018 on Facebook. The video, however, has not yet been released for all users and you can find the writing: "Relive the moments shared on Facebook in 2018. We're creating a video that's all about you and your year. Come back soon to watch it."

How to show others the video Your Year on Facebook

If we liked the video "Your Year" we can decide to share the movie with our friends. By default, the "Your Year" video that pulls together all of our 2018 posts and media content is set as private. To share it with your friends just press the blue "Share" button present below the video and we can watch and comment with friends and family.