How to send high-resolution photos with WhatsApp

Transferring high-resolution images is really very simple: just share the file with a contact like a normal document. Here's how to do it

Over the past few months, WhatsApp has changed a lot, especially when it comes to file sharing. To the delight of its users, through the instant messaging app, in fact, it is now possible to send and receive not only audio, video and photos, but any type of document.

Unfortunately, however, photo sharing has a problem: resolution. You will undoubtedly notice that the image transferred through WhatsApp loses quality. The reason is very simple: the application before sending a photo automatically compresses it. This service is very useful, since it lets you reduce the file's "weight" and also the data traffic consumed. Besides, it ensures that sending and receiving are much faster. But the problem of resolution remains. Not everyone is willing to give up, in fact, the quality of the image.

Unfortunately, sending high-resolution photos with WhatsApp is really very simple. You just have to transfer the file as a normal document (you read that correctly).

Send high resolution photos on WhatsApp with Android

Those who have the Android operating system must first find the contact to whom they want to send the high definition photo and open the chat. Once this is done, you must click on the paperclip symbol, located at the bottom right, next to the camera. Then, tap on the "Document" option and immediately after on "Browse other documents", so you can access the Images folder. Once inside simply tap on the "Camera" icon and select the image you want to send. In this way the photo will be sent to the contact as a real document, keeping the original size unchanged and, therefore, the quality. Surely this system is a bit more cumbersome than the traditional one, but it is really useful when you want to send high-resolution photos in chat.

Send high-definition photos on WhatsApp with IOS

First of all you need to access the "Photos" app, select the image, access the sharing options and save the file to ibook. If you do this, the photo will be transformed into PDF format and its definition will be preserved. At this point, once back on WhatsApp, you'll just have to send the photo, clicking on "Attach" and then on "Documents". As you can see, therefore, even in the case of IOS devices the steps to be taken to increase the quality of photos sent via WhatsApp are quite simple and after implementing them once it is easy to memorize and repeat them when necessary. So, sending photos in HD is possible and allows fans to not give up the pleasure of being able to enjoy high-resolution images. However, still many people do not know this possibility related to WhatsApp.