How to send large files with WhatsApp

On WhatsApp you can send large documents to friends and co-workers: here's how to do it in a few simple steps

Among the many features offered by WhatsApp there is also the ability to send heavy documents. Most users use the messaging application to chat with friends or to share images and videos. Few take advantage of it for a feature that in many cases can save precious hours of work.

As many of you know, sending heavy documents over the web is neither simple nor immediate. The various services impose precise limits and do not allow the sharing of power point presentations, very long videos or PDF documents with many images inside. In cases like this, the salvation is WhatsApp. The application, in fact, has a very high limit for sending files: 100MB. And above all, it's immediate: all you need is a good Internet connection and the number of the person to whom you want to send the document. And above all, the functionality is free: you don't have to pay a subscription or buy the app. Here's how to do it.

WhatsApp, how to send heavy documents

The messaging app offers the possibility for users to share within conversations, both "one to one" and group ones, images, videos, audio content, address book numbers, their location and documents. By documents we mean all those files that have an extension that can be read by a smartphone or PC: power point presentations, Word files, PDF files. They are also very heavy files that exceed 25MB and usually cannot be sent via email. In these cases WhatsApp can really save the day: the limit for sending documents is, in fact, 100MB. And by attaching it within a group, you can reach hundreds of contacts at once.

To send large documents on WhatsApp the procedure to follow is really very simple: you have to enter the conversation, press on the paperclip icon in the white space at the bottom and six icons will appear on the screen: Document, Camera, Gallery, Audio, Location and Contact. Pressing on Document will open the smartphone's file manager and you can choose which file to share with your friend or colleague on WhatsApp. The same procedure also works on WhatsApp Web and allows you to send heavy files via your PC.

However, if you need to send a confidential and important work document, it is advisable to use services such as JumboMail, which allow you to send attachments of up to 2 gigabytes completely free of charge.

WhatsApp, how to find the documents you sent

It is just as easy to find the documents you shared with your friends on WhatsApp. If you can't find an important file, just go inside the chat, press on the icon with three dots in the upper right corner and then select Media. This will open a tab with three tabs: Media, Documents, Links. Selecting Documents will bring up a list with all the Word, PDF and Power Point files shared on WhatsApp. Selecting it will open it on your smartphone or PC. All very simple, easy and fast.