How to set iOS 13 to improve iPhone battery life

To improve iPhone battery life, you can change some settings in iOS 13: here are which ones

Improving iPhone battery life is one of the cornerstones of Apple's policy. And the monthly and annual updates released for iOS are proof of that. With each new version of the mobile OS, Apple adds a few new features to optimize power consumption and allow iPhone owners to get through the day without too much hassle, even with high usage of the device.

Many people don't know that there are tricks that allow you to improve the iPhone battery. There are settings available in iOS 13 that can be changed to decrease battery consumption. One example is the dynamic backgrounds, which are very useful to beautify and make the screen more colorful, but at the same time are real leeches. Another very simple trick to save battery on the iPhone is to activate the Dark Theme, available precisely with iOS 13. Here are what settings to change on iOS 13 to improve iPhone battery life.

Disable Dynamic Wallpapers

Added with iOS 7, dynamic wallpapers are fun and beautiful to look at, but they significantly reduce battery life. The advice is to use the classic static wallpapers in order not to affect power consumption. To change the background of the iPhone just go to "Settings", select "Wallpaper" and then click on "Static". Selecting black color for the background will make the device consume less power since, in an OLED screen, black pixels do not use power.

Set Dark Mode

To increase battery life, it is wise to set Dark Mode on the iPhone. Dark Mode replaces white backgrounds with dark backgrounds optimizing battery life. To enable Dark Mode on iPhone, simply go to "Settings", select "Display and Brightness" and under "Appearance" click on the "Dark" option.

Disable the "Lift to Activate"

The "Lift to Activate" feature allows you to view notifications when the screen is locked by raising the phone to a vertical position. This is a feature that can be very useful, but can consume a lot of power as the screen turns on every time the phone is held. To disable this feature you need to go to "Settings", click on "Display and Brightness" and disable the "Raise to activate" option. Once this feature is disabled for newer devices you can turn on the screen by simply tapping it. For other devices, you need to press the "Touch ID" button to reactivate the device.

Disable background app update

Background app update can be very useful to stay up to date with what's happening in the modno. This feature is used by many apps like email clients or messaging apps. It's good and right to keep updating in the background for some apps, but not for all of them otherwise your battery will suffer. To check which apps use this feature, open "Settings", click on "General" and then on "Update apps in background".

Here you can enable or disable this feature, as well as select from a list which apps to enable. To update the content of the apps in case background updating is disabled, you need to open the app each time. You can also keep the background update function by relegating it to the connection type: Wi-Fi and Cellular Data.

Disable Motion Effects

You can reduce the screen effects to save power consumption. To do so, you need to go into "Settings" access "Accessibility", click on "Screen Effects" and select the "Reduce Motion" option.

Manage Bluetooth Connections

More Bluetooth devices connected to the iPhone can affect the battery life. If the devices in question are not being used, it is best to disconnect them and remove the ones that are no longer being used. To do this, just go to "Settings", click on the "Bluetooth" item and tap the "i" icon next to the connected devices to disconnect them. In this section, you can also disable Bluetooth completely by setting the Bluetooth switch to "Off".

Manage Location Settings

Location and GPS usage by many apps affect battery consumption. You should review the permissions granted to apps by restricting their access to GPS to save battery consumption.

Place iPhone face down

When not in use, always place iPhone face down. This trick allows the screen not to light up when notifications come in, preserving battery consumption.