How to set power saving on Android

With Android 10 you can take advantage of artificial intelligence to save your smartphone battery: here's how

Making your smartphone battery last longer is not only the dream of a lot of users, but it's also the goal of those who make them and even those who develop the operating system. That is, in the case of Android, Google.

To keep the smartphone on as long as possible between charges, in fact, Big G has invented over the years several tricks and has included them in Android, in order to optimize power consumption and make the battery last longer. Up to Android 9, in fact, battery management was quite simple: we could choose a percentage of charge, below which energy saving would be activated. With Android 10, however, Google has deployed artificial intelligence: with the right setting we can in fact allow Android to study our behavior and adjust the power saving autonomously according to our habits.

How to save battery with AI

The novelty of Android 10 with regard to energy saving, in fact, is precisely the use of artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning to understand how the user uses the smartphone every day, when to charge it, how much energy it needs and when. Knowing these factors, in fact, it is possible to automate accordingly the activation of the various energy saving features to make the battery last longer. But, of course, the thing works well if we are habitual: if we wake up more or less always at the same time, if we use the smartphone in a "predictable" way and if we charge it at a fixed time, then Google can optimize energy saving.

How to activate energy saving with artificial intelligence

With Android 10 you can set the smartphone's energy saving in three ways: without any planning, according to the user's routine and according to a battery percentage. Without scheduling, power saving is activated when the smartphone is running low. By setting a percentage we are the ones who choose, while opting for "Based on your routine" the artificial intelligence comes into play: the Android operating system will take a few days to study well how we use the smartphone and will adapt the power saving accordingly. To choose this setting we have to go to Settings > Battery > Energy Saver > Set a schedule > Based on your routine.