How to set the screen to black and white on Android

Android lets you turn on grayscale on the screen and turn everything to black and white. Here's how to do it

One of the most anticipated new features of Android 10 was the introduction of the dark theme at the operating system level. With Android's Dark Theme, in fact, all apps can be "darkened" even if they don't have a dark theme of their own.

Sometimes the result is great, others a little less so, but it works. Starting with Android 10, then, users can choose when to turn on the light theme, when to turn on the dark theme, or let the OS choose. But that's not all, because there is also a third option that very few people know about: the black and white theme. Already, it is possible to use Android 10 completely in "grayscale", doing without colors and settling for grayscale. There may be more than one reason to do this, here are the main ones and how to activate the black and white screen on Android 10.

Why use Android in black and white

In certain cases black and white is better than color. For example, when we have to read a text without images, which is perfectly readable in grayscale alone. Sometimes, however, we visit sites with colored text that can be annoying and activating the black and white screen makes reading much easier. The black and white screen also saves a bit of battery life (although less than when you set the dark mode).

How to set grayscale mode on Android 10

Android 10 allows us to activate the grayscale screen with a simple tap on an icon in the notification area. Only that, by default, this icon is not among those shown by the operating system (net of any changes and customizations of the smartphone manufacturer), so we'll have to insert it manually in the bar, so as to always have it available. To do this, we must swipe twice on the notification area, to expand it, and tap on the icon with the pencil (the one to change the icons shown in the bar).

At this point we'll see all the icons that we can place in the area that interests us, among which there is also the one of the grayscale mode: it is a circle divided in half, left white and right with horizontal stripes. The icon has a name that doesn't allow misunderstandings: "Grayscale". Just drag this icon upwards and place it next to the ones we use the most and, from now on, we'll be able to activate the black and white screen on Android with a single tap.