How to set up a “profile” video in your Facebook account

The social network gives you the opportunity to replace the classic profile picture with a video: all you need is a smartphone and the Facebook app

For some time now, many Facebook users have begun to replace the classic and static profile picture with short videos. A nice solution, which recalls the old and dear GIFs. Here's a step-by-step guide to creating a video profile on Facebook.

Setting up a video as a profile "photo" on Mark Zuckerberg's social network is really very simple. All you need is just a smartphone. It doesn't matter if the device you bought is an iPhone or a cell phone running Android. What matters most of all, in fact, is that on the device in your possession there is installed the Facebook application. Check it out. Don't have it? Download it from the official Google and Apple stores. Don't worry. It's free. With that done, we're ready to replace your profile picture with a video.

How to set profile video on Facebook

First you need to login, that is, sign in to Facebook. Done? Now, go into the app's settings. Not sure how to do that? Just press on the icon in the shape of three horizontal lines, which you will find in the upper right corner. At this point, from the menu click on "View Profile" (the option is on top of all the other items). A page will open, where in the center will be your profile picture. If you look closely, on the picture it says edit: click on it. Then several options will appear. Here you can choose whether to click on "Select profile video" or "Record new profile video".

Videos should not exceed 7 seconds

In the first case (Select profile video), the application will let you choose from one of the videos in the memory of your smartphone. And if the video you uploaded is too long? No problem, you can edit it. If you don't like the clips that are in your phone's gallery, just select the second option. Facebook, in fact, will let you record a video with a maximum duration of 7 seconds. At this point you just have to click on "Use" and you're done. From now on, in fact, your contacts, instead of your profile picture, will see the video you have chosen. Easy, isn't it?