How to share contacts with Android

To send a phone number to a friend, you can use ad hoc apps like Share Contacts or Google Contacts. Here's how they work

It may seem anachronistic to talk about sharing phone numbers in the age of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. But it's not. On the contrary. In some cases, knowing how to share a contact can be very useful, especially in the work environment. It is not always possible to send a message directly on WhatsApp to establish contact with a person.

For this reason, having an ad hoc application on your smartphone designed specifically to manage contacts can be the ideal solution. To send a contact on an Android smartphone you can download some apps present on the Google Play Store: they are free and allow you to share via SMS, email and any other supported tool the phone number of a person. They are also easy to use and don't require any special knowledge. Here are the applications you need to install to share contacts on Android.

Share Contacts

Share Contacts lets you share any type of information about a contact (phone number, email address, home address) through one of the many tools provided. It will be possible to send the contact using email, WhatsApp, instant messaging applications or via SMS. The only limitation are the applications installed on your Android smartphone. Share Contacts is available for free on the Google Play Store.


Another application that you can use to share phone numbers is Google Contacts present by default on any Android smartphone. Using the "Share via text" feature, you can send the contact using all the instant messaging apps on your device. In addition, Contacts also allows you to use alternative solutions such as QR Codes.


As many will know, you can also share a phone number via WhatsApp. This is definitely the easiest method. To send a phone contact with WhatsApp, just enter a chat, press on the paperclip and then on Contact. It will open the list with all the phone numbers present on the smartphone.