How to share WhatsApp Status on Facebook

The new feature allows you to share WhatsApp Status also on external platforms and in Facebook Stories: here's how to do it

The WhatsApp Status is one of the most used features by users. Introduced by now a couple of years, it allows you to publish images or colored backgrounds with a text inside that you delete after twenty-four hours. To be clear, it is a feature identical to Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories. According to the latest data published by WhatsApp, more than a billion users have published at least once a State on their profile.

After a few years of "running-in", the developers have decided to give the WhatsApp State a new feature: you can also share it on other platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram (all owned by the Menlo Park company). In questo modo, oltre ai contatti WhatsApp, lo Stato può essere visto anche dai propri amici sul social network, oppure dai “follower” su Instagram. Utilizzare la nuova funzionalità è abbastanza facile: basta seguire la procedura guidata e in pochissimo tempo condivideremo il nostro Stato su tutte le piattaforme. Ecco come fare.

WhatsApp, come condividere lo Stato su Facebook e altre piattaforme

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Come condividere lo Stato WhatsApp su Facebook

Lo Stato WhatsApp può essere utilizzato per tanti motivi differenti: condividere con i propri contatti un momento della giornata, oppure pubblicare un pensiero a cui si tiene molto. Con l’ultimo aggiornamento di WhatsApp è stata aggiunta una funzionalità che è passata un po’ in sordina. We had already talked about it a few months ago and now it has finally been released for everyone: the ability to share the WhatsApp Status on Facebook, either on your wall or as a Story.

Doing it is very simple. First you have to publish a Status on WhatsApp (text message, image or GIF is indifferent). Once this step is complete, you must return to the State tab and under the published post we will find the words "Share in Facebook History". By pressing on this entry, a new window will open that will allow the sharing of the WhatsApp Status within your Facebook Story.

Next to the entry, there is also the sharing icon. Clicking it will open a pop-up window with all the platforms with which we can share the Status: Instagram, Gmail, Instagram Direct and Instagram Stories. We will have a lot of freedom in choosing with whom to share our Status.

How to get the latest WhatsApp feature

To take advantage of the new feature you need to have the latest version of WhatsApp. To update the application you need to enter inside the Google Play Store or the App Store (depending on whether you have an Android or iOS smartphone) and kick off the update.

WhatsApp&Facebook, merger in sight?

A topic that we have covered several times and that comes back into fashion with the release of the new feature: the merger between WhatsApp&Facebook. As confirmed by the same Mark Zuckerberg, the Menlo Park company is working so that all its messaging applications (Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram Direct) can "talk" to each other and give users the opportunity to interact even from different platforms. The ability to share WhatsApp Status also on Facebook is just one more step towards this "soft fusion".