How to skip intro and theme song on Netflix

Netflix Extended is a plugin for Netflix that allows you to skip the intro and theme song. Here's how it works and how to install the extension on your PC

Netflix has revolutionized the way you watch TV series and movies. You no longer have to wait until 9pm to watch your favorite movie or an episode of a TV series on traditional channels, but you just need an Internet connection and a smartphone and you can watch any content whenever you want. This has led many users to abandon traditional television channels to embrace the world of online streaming.

Netflix has many merits, but also some flaws. For example, it is very cumbersome to skip the opening recap and theme song of TV series. These are precious minutes that are lost unnecessarily each time and there is no setting that allows you to skip the summary. Fortunately, some programmers have developed an extension for Chrome that allows you to solve these little Netflix problems. The plugin is called Netflix Extended and can be downloaded for free from Chrome's online store. In addition to allowing you to automatically skip the summary and initial abbreviation, it offers many other very useful features.

How Netflix Extended extension works

The add-on works only on Google Chrome browser. After downloading and installing it, you need to go inside the plugin's Settings to set the functionality. To do that, you need to press on the icon with three vertical dots in the top right corner of Google Chrome, select "More Tools" and then click on "Extensions". A page will open with all the plugins installed and click on Netflix Extended to enter the settings.

In the "Configuration" tab you can enable the feature to skip the summary and the opening credits, just check the box next to "Skip intros" and "Skip recaps". Now save the changes and log in to your Netflix account. Launch an episode of your favorite TV series and you'll no longer see the initial summary or hear the theme song.

Other Netflix Extended features

Netflix Extended offers other features as well. For example, it enables keyboard shortcuts by default that let you quickly change the episode, or turn the volume up or down. Besides, Netflix Extended also allows you to automatically block the content you are watching if you decide to switch browser tabs. To do this you have to go into the extension's settings, look for the "Pause video if not focused" item and put a check mark next to the "High" option. This way if you need to change the page in Google Chrome, the TV series episode will pause automatically.