How to solve Iliad connection problems

If you have problems with no signal with your Iliad SIM you need to activate the 3G network: here's how to do it on Android and iOS

Improving signal quality and connection speed is one of the goals Iliad has set for the next few years. The fourth Italian operator, after an initial period of "running-in", is continuing its road map that includes large investments in proprietary antennas to finally become autonomous and offer a better service to its customers.

In recent months, many 4G antennas have been activated throughout Italy and the work will continue throughout the year. The activation of the new antennas, however, could create some annoying problems for users: the absence of 4G signal on the Iliad card for a few days. Some customers have already experienced it on their shoulders: suddenly the Iliad SIM stops working (can't pick up the signal) and it becomes impossible to surf, receive messages and even call.

To understand if it's just your problem or if there are real inefficiencies on the Iliad line consult the Iliad assistance page real time problems. Each user can then consult the page and realize in a few seconds if the malfunction of your phone actually depends on the operator. If after this quick check it is clear that these are indeed problems related to the Iliad 4G line, know that fortunately there is a simple trick that allows you to return to use the Iliad network: force the connection to 3G. From the settings of the smartphone, both Android and iOS, each user can decide whether to use the 3G or 4G network: here's how to do it.

How to solve Iliad connection problems on Android

If your Iliad SIM can't connect to the signal making it impossible to make phone calls, send SMS and surf the Internet, you need to change a smartphone setting to get back to using your card: switch to the 3G network. Why do you need to make this change? Very simple: the works that Iliad is carrying out in these months concern the 4G antennas and it is normal that for short periods there is a lack of signal.

To switch to 3G connection you must enter the settings of your Android smartphone, press on "Wi-Fi & Internet" and then on "SIM and network". A new window will open from which select the "Preferred network type" item and a pop-up menu will appear with the various connection types: 2G, 3G and 4G. Select 3G and the Iliad card will work again.

The disruption of signal absence on Iliad 4G network usually lasts only a few days, just enough time to complete the works and activate the new antennas.

How to solve Iliad connection problems on iPhone

Iliad signal absence problems are rarer on smartphones with iOS operating system. In case your Iliad SIM is giving you network problems on iPhone, you need to switch to 3G connection. The procedure is very simple to follow: open the iPhone's Settings, then press on Cellular and Cellular Data Options. Select Voice and data and finally put the flag on 3G. At this point, the Iliad card should work again.

Iliad coverage

The operator can still count on good coverage on the national territory. In fact, the latest Open Signal report that monitored the quality of networks in Italy also examined the French virtual operator.

On a sample of 339 thousand devices checked for the first 3 months of 2019, Iliad obtained a 4G coverage of 76.4%, with the largest increase among all the operators analyzed. Compared to the previous audit, it achieved a 10% increase. The announced work is therefore starting to pay off. Better than Iliad in terms of coverage have done only Vodafone and Tim, which have obtained 86.9% and 83.6% respectively.