How to sort tweets chronologically in the Twitter feed

Twitter goes back to the old-fashioned way by offering the possibility for users to sort tweets in chronological order. The feature available only for iPhone: how it works

After the many requests received from users, Twitter returns to give users the ability to sort their feed (the bulletin board where other users' tweets are shown) in chronological order. The feature had been eliminated in 2016 in favor of an algorithm that showed at the top the messages of users with whom there was more interaction (likes, comments, retweets).

This change led to a real stance he users, who published hundreds of thousands of messages using the hashtag #RIPTwitter. Two years later, the "old Twitter" is finally back among us. In September, the CEO of the company had announced that a new feature would soon be released that would allow users to choose whether to see tweets in chronological order or with the order chosen by the algorithm. And so it was. For now, the feature is only available on iOS, but it will soon be coming to Android as well.

How to sort your Twitter feed

To be able to sort your Twitter feed chronologically, you need to download the latest version of the iOS app from the App Store. For the moment, the new feature is only available for iPhone, but it should be released soon for Android smartphones as well.

The new feature is very easy to use: just launch the app and press the new star icon in the top right corner. A screen will appear and you'll have to click on "Show latest published tweets". In a few seconds your feed will be loaded with all the latest tweets posted by the users you follow. If you want to go back to the old feed with the posts sorted by the algorithm, just do the same process: press on the star and press the item "Back to home".

Users will be delighted with this new feature, after waiting for it for more than two years.