How to speed up Chrome in five minutes

Chrome is one of the most used browsers in the world, but it's not the fastest. Here are some tricks to speed up Chrome in five minutes

With nearly 70% of the market share among desktop browsers and over 50% on mobile, Chrome is certainly the most used program in the world to browse the Internet. But it's not perfect, on the contrary: the latest versions are getting slower and slower and more and more users are complaining about it.

Speed up Chrome is therefore becoming a common goal for many, but how to do it? There are some aspects of the browser that cannot be changed: Chrome is an increasingly complex piece of software and this, by necessity, affects performance. Other aspects of this navigation program, and of the way we use it, can instead be changed to increase Chrome's performance. Of course, we're not talking about Chrome's abnormal load on the CPU, a problem that seems intrinsic to the Chromium project (so much so that Edge has inherited it too), but some tricks to speed up Chrome in five minutes.

Speed up Chrome: open tabs

Many people have a long series of tabs constantly open in Chrome. You can also make the application open them automatically on startup by going to Settings > On startup > Continue from where you left off. However, this is not the best choice: often these tabs are open, and consume memory, but they are not really used. In practice users use them, improperly, instead of Favorites so that they are easily available. Better to use, if this is our purpose, an extension like OneTab, Session Buddy or The Great Suspender: we can have at hand the tabs that interest us, without slowing down Chrome.

Restart Chrome to speed it up

Another problem, often related to the previous one, that slows down Chrome a lot is the fact that, when we close one or more tabs, a lot of data remains in memory. The solution is simple: restart Chrome (better yet: close Chrome and restart the operating system). In this way we'll delete unnecessary data from the memory and Chrome session will be lighter and snappier.

Find and remove malicious software with Chrome

Chrome integrates a feature that very few people know about: an internal tool to clean the hard disk from malicious software, such as malware. You can launch this tool by going to Settings > Advanced> Reset & Clean > Clean your computer. Running the software will take some time, but it might be enough to find some programs that slow down your computer, including Chrome.