How to speed up the internet on iPhone

To speed up the internet connection on iPhone you could try changing the DNS or choose an alternative browser to Safari

Lately you've noticed that Safari doesn't "whiz" like before. You have tried to turn on your iPhone again and nothing: the internet connection is still very slow. Restarting the router didn't help either. Don't worry, there are still other attempts you could use.

It is good to point out that this is nothing extremely difficult. Speeding up the internet on the iPhone doesn't require any major computer skills and anyone, even users who are not so familiar with iOS, can solve the problem. It's not a small problem that causes a lot of anger and frustration, especially when the phone takes many seconds to open a single web page. If there are no technical failures in the line or the home router, and if the iPhone is fully functional, trying to speed up the internet is a piece of cake.

You could try to put into practice in particular two tricks: change the DNS, that the cell phone of the company with the bitten apple logo uses to connect to the net, and switch to other browsers.

Change DNS

Before explaining in detail "the operation", it is useful to spend some words on the function of DNS. You know when you type the name of any site and press enter? Well, that's where the DNS comes into action, translating the web address into a series of numbers. Without DNS, we would have been forced to type all these characters.

Now, once we understand what DNS are for, let's try to change them. Don't worry, the procedure is very simple. First, turn off your data connection and turn on your Wi-Fi connection. To get started, as you always do when you need to make changes to your iPhone, go to the phone's settings and click on "Wi-Fi".

Then find the network you're connected to. Next to the name of the connection, you'll also see the icon used to open the information (i): select it. The only thing left to do is to replace the iPhone's default DNS with new ones. We have two solutions. We can choose Google DNS (, or OpenDNS (, That's it.

Replace Safari

You can also try using a browser other than Safari, although Apple's browser is one of the fastest. For iOS, there are several good alternatives. You can use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Opera Mini. Some of the browsers in Apple's store have a feature that allows you to compress data, allowing internet pages to open faster.

To download a new browser, simply open the App Store, type the name of the program you choose and install it.