How to stream Baby 2 by Netflix

Find out how to stream Baby 2, a series produced by Netflix available online from October 18, 2019

The cheekiness of Ludovica and Chiara, the beauty and naughtiness of "Mamma Roma", the fairy world of Parioli. All this and much more will be the background of Baby 2, the second season of one of the original Netflix productions made in Italy. A modern story, with many dark points and that deals with one of the stories of chronicle that has most shocked public opinion in the last decade.

A ring of "baby call girls" from the "good Rome" who prostituted themselves only for money. In Baby 2 we will find Ludovica and Chiara again, now perfectly at ease in leading a double life: by day girls of Parioli who attend the private high school Collodi, the night baby call girls paid by men much older than them. Baby 2 is a Netflix exclusive and in order to watch the six episodes of the second season, you must be a subscriber. Here's how to watch Baby 2 in streaming.

Baby 2, previews

If Baby's first season left you with a sour taste in your mouth, Baby 2 will shock you. The second season will start from where the first one ended, with Fiore who has "conquered" the circle of "baby call girls" of Parioli and is ready to take over the illegal traffic. Ludovica and Chiara are ready to make the decisive leap: girls from "Roma bene" during the day, prostitutes at night. The six episodes of the second season will be completely dedicated to their lives, public and private. A plot that will eventually lead them to make difficult choices, especially for girls of sixteen years.

How many episodes of Baby 2

As happened with the first season, Baby 2 consists of six episodes lasting about 45-60 minutes. Here is the list of episodes:

Attack 1 - #justagame

Attack 2 - Relaunch

Attack 3 - Ghosts

Attack 4 - Truth or Dare

Attack 5 - Dead End

Attack 6 - Baby

When Baby 2 comes out

Baby 2 is available on Netflix as of October 18, 2019. Being a series produced and produced by Netflix, all episodes of the second season are released simultaneously.

Where to watch Baby 2 on TV

To watch Baby 2 on TV you need to be a Netflix subscriber and have a smart TV that supports the app . Alternatively, you can plug an Android TV box into the HDMI output of your TV and install Netflix.

How to watch Baby 2 streaming

One of the secrets of Netflix's success is the ability to watch content on the go, anytime using one of the many supported devices. Baby 2 can be streamed at any time of the day, without having to respect a fixed schedule. In order to watch Baby 2 streaming you must be a Netflix subscriber and use a device with the app installed.

Baby 2 streaming is very simple: you have to launch the application, enter your credentials and click on the box dedicated to the TV series on the home page. It will open a tab with the six episodes of Baby 2 and pressing on one of them will start streaming the TV series. There is no need to change language: the fiction is produced in Italian and will automatically start in the original language.