How to Swipe Up on Instagram

The Swipe-Up on Instagram is one of the most useful tools to better manage your profile: here's what it's useful for, how to use it and its advantages.

The features of a social network like Instagram are many and allow you to manage your profile with many options. Among these is the Swipe-Up Instagram, which literally means sliding your finger from bottom to top. A very immediate and useful function, as it allows you to insert links in photos, videos or stories that you share.

This is a very useful tool on the one hand to highlight content, to advertise products or services, on the other hand to deepen topics or discover new things on a particular theme. So it's convenient both for those who make it available on their profile, and for those who stumble upon it while scrolling through the stories.

What is the purpose of the Instagram Sweep-Up

Thanks to this feature, you can provide immediate access to an article, a site, a video or other external links, to which you want to lead your followers, who in this way will not have to manually search for content within the profile. At this point you need to know what we're talking about and how the Instagram Swipe-Up works.

The Instagram Stories

We need to take a step back here, and try to understand what Instagram Stories are. It is to all intents and purposes a kind of diary, a 24-hour space in which users can post images, videos, spots, news, activities, and so on.

It s therefore a very powerful communication tool, as it is immediate and quick to take in. In addition, its strength lies in the fact that it allows external links: you can insert hastags, mention other profiles, and for some even insert links that lead to sites or landing pages. The latter are precisely the Swipe-Up.

Who can insert the Swipe-Up on Instagram

So you need to know how to do Swipe-Up on Instagram, to take full advantage of the possibilities of this tool. First of all, to be able to insert this tool on your stories it is not enough to have an account, but you must have a business profile, normally generated by a Facebook page, and that has at least 10,000 followers. In short, this possibility is allowed to those who exploit Instagram on a professional level, such as influencers, brand reputation, companies and more.

How Swipe-Up works on Instagram

Once you know the reality of Swipe-Up Instagram, how to do it is the next step to know. First, you need to activate a new story. Just click on the little man icon, and then on your profile picture: this is the space used for inserting stories. At this point, you'll have to choose what type of content you want to insert. You can choose photos or videos from your camera roll stored on your cell phone, or create them on the spot, depending on what you need.

It is important to include interesting content, which can create expectation in those who will then go to view the stories. This is because it will obviously make the choice to Swipe-Up more likely. The text, if any, should also be eye-catching. Once you have chosen the content, click on the chain-shaped symbol (the link symbol) at the top, near the other icons.

Once you have entered the link insertion mode, you can add the URL of the page you want to share. Before publishing, it is always important to do a check using the preview option, in order to verify that everything is working properly and that the result is really effective. At this point those who view the stories will be able to access the content by doing the Swipe-Up, that is, swiping their finger towards the other: simple and immediate.

The advantages of the Instagram Sweep-Up

One of the main advantages of the Instagram Swipe-Up is to provide an exclusive service, as it is dedicated only to certain accounts, and therefore gives authority. In addition, if Swipe-Ups are inserted in such a way as to stand out and then to induce the click, they bring a good return from the point of view of the call to action. In addition, through this link it is possible to monitor the progress of the page to which it is linked and verify the results it leads to.

This is why it is considered a working tool, especially for influencers, who can use it to publicize the products of which they are testimonials, but also for the companies themselves, who can thus tell a more in-depth description of their business, but also of their products. For this reason, knowing how to do a Swipe-Up is fundamental for those who fall into these categories.