How to take screenshots with macOS Mojave

An interface for screenshots has been included in the new version of Apple's OS macOS Mojave, here's how it works and how to use it

With the new version of Apple's computer operating system macOS 10.14 Mojave, already released in beta mode and soon ready for the official launch, some users are wondering how they will be able to take screenshots with their Macs once they upgrade to Cupertino's latest OS.

With macOS Mojave, in fact, Apple has revamped the way to take screenshots, making it even easier and more intuitive. To take screenshots on Mac we'll have to press Command plus Shift plus 5: in this way we'll open a specific interface for the screenshot function. Thanks to this new screen we'll be able to decide whether to take a screenshot of the whole screen, or capture the image of a single tab, but also manually select a part of the screen to save in Images. With the new screenshot interface for macOS Mojave, in addition to capturing the image of a screen we can also start recording video of our entire screen or just a part of the screen. A complete tool useful even if we play video games or do computer tutorials.

The new screenshot function in macOS Mojave

In addition to the functions already mentioned, in the new interface for screenshots in macOS Mojave we will also find a button for options. What can we do with the options for screenshots on the new operating system from Apple? First we'll be able to add an additional function to the screenshot bar, such as where to save the captured images automatically, so on Desktop, Documents and so on. We'll also be able to set a time delay for capturing images. What does this mean? It means that we can let 5 or 10 seconds pass before the Mac automatically takes a screenshot of our screen or a portion of our screen.

Also, when we take a screenshot or video recording, on the screen in macOS Mojave, a thumbnail will appear in the bottom corner of our desktop. This is basically the same notification that we display just when we take a screenshot on an iOS device, from version 11 or later. If we click on the thumbnail a new window will open, where we can do some editing of the screenshot or video recording. For example, we can use filters, watermarks or crop the image. Also in this new section we will find buttons for quickly sharing the screenshot on social media, in instant messaging apps or via email. The screenshot thumbnail feature can be disabled to not be shown on the screen, so if we have to capture a lot of screenshots we won't have problems with the thumbnails overlapping.