How to tune Tivùsat

The procedure to tune Tivùsat on your home TV is very simple: here are the steps to follow

To watch digital terrestrial channels today there is an alternative to the classic system with decoder "stand alone" or TV with built-in decoder: it is Tivùsat, the platform that allows us to watch digital terrestrial channels through the satellite system.

Using a Tivùsat decoder is not very different from using a traditional decoder: after having connected the satellite dish through the appropriate cable and having inserted the Tivùsat card, it is sufficient to carry out the synchronization, automatic or manual, in order to correctly receive all the transmitted channels. The procedure to tune Tivùsat varies slightly from decoder to decoder, but is essentially always similar: the only differences may be in the name of the items of the menu integrated in each decoder.

Tune Tivùsat: what you need to know

The operating logic of a Tivùsat decoder is very similar to that of a traditional decoder because it integrates the LCN (Logical channel number) function, which automatically assigns numbers to channels based on the information that the channels themselves communicate to the decoder. It is important, however, to check the quality of the signal received by the decoder before tuning: if the signal is low or unstable, in fact, there could be "holes" between channels or some of them could be seen badly.

To perform the test just access the menu of the decoder, go to the main settings and then look for the sub-menu for the configuration of the system. Here we'll find indications about the quality of the received signal and the option to test it again. If the quality is low, even before tuning the channels, you should call a technician to solve this problem.

How to tune the channels of the Tivùsat decoder

If the signal is good and stable, we can proceed to tune the channels. Just access the main menu, then the settings and finally the tab "Channels", "Channel Search", "Tune" or similar (the wording varies from decoder to decoder). The procedure is always automatic, but it is also possible to make a manual tuning of a single frequency: in the same tab we will find in fact the settings to specify the type of antenna, the satellite to which to connect, the frequency.

Always from the same screen we can almost always do the test of the transponder (ie the receiver positioned at the end of the arm that "looks" at the dish): if we have problems to tune some channel could be just because of it.