How to turn WhatsApp voice notes into texts

Developed by an Italian company, Speechless is an application that allows you to turn WhatsApp audio messages into texts to be read on your smartphone

At least once in our lives (probably more than once) we've been faced with a dilemma: open the voice message that arrived on WhatsApp, with the risk of nearby people hearing it, or wait until you're away from prying ears and listen to it later.

Alternatively, you could also quickly pull the phone up to your ear and listen to the message as if it were a simple call. However, the trick doesn't always work. Actually, there would be another way more valid, compared to the previous solutions, and above all very discreet: Speechless. Si tratta di un’applicazione, tutta italiana, che ha una caratteristica particolare: trasforma i messaggi audio, ricevuti nell’app di messaggistica istantanea, in testi da leggere sul display dello smartphone. Silenziosamente. I file vocali sono inviati dopo pochi secondi direttamente sui telefonini dagli utenti, che a questo punto possono leggere il contenuto in tranquillità. E soprattutto in qualsiasi situazione.

Come funziona

come.funziona-speechless.jpgFonte foto: Be

Come funziona Speechless

Dunque, grazie all’applicazione di Becreatives, la società che ha sviluppato l’app, non ci sarà più bisogno di aver paura di ascoltare una nota audio arrivata su WhatsApp, anche se siamo in pubblico. Speechless, inoltre, è anche molto semplice da utilizzare. It is enough, in fact, to select the audio note in a chat, press the "share" button on WhatsApp, click on the application icon and wait to receive the audio message translated into text. Speechless works, in fact, using a cloud computing system, through which the application transforms audio messages into text. This means that you cannot use the application without an internet connection.

Available for Android and iOS

Speechless is available in both free and paid versions. The first solution can translate voice notes of up to 20 seconds into text. The second mode (which costs €2.29), on the other hand, can transform audio notes up to 5 minutes long. Speechless is downloadable from both the Google Play Store and the App Store.