How to turn your iPhone into a security camera

It takes very little to convert an old Applephone into a home (and free) security device. Here are the best options available

Use your iPhone as a security camera, is it possible? Put like that, it sounds like heresy. Why use an expensive iPhone as a simple surveillance device? Because, maybe, you just bought a new smartphone and you want to convert your old iPhone still working.

The iPhone, despite being a few years old now, can come in handy to keep an eye on the access to the driveway, or to monitor the refrigerator to demonstrate the constant and constant assaults of roommates, or why not, to monitor your cat in the house when you are not there. Yes, using your iPhone as a surveillance camera is more possible and doable than you think.

Transforming the iPhone into a spy device: what you need

As mentioned, to monitor your home with an iPhone you'll need two things: an app that allows you to use the iPhone's camera as a security camera, and a stand, which allows you to place the phone on some shelf or shelf.

In the first case you can follow two paths: jailbreak and use an app from Cidya or other stores; or take advantage of one of the many apps in Apple's App Store. For example, you can install apps like AtHome, TrackView or Ivideon, which allow you to record what's going on in your home, receive notifications if any strange movement is detected and control the situation remotely.

All three of these apps allow you to turn your iPhone into a security camera in a fairly simple and free way. Even though you can subscribe to subscription plans, all three apps work with a simple registration: just create a profile, log in and start recording as soon as you leave the house. When you return home, you can check the registration and see if anything strange has happened in your absence.