How to unlock Android smartphone with Smart Lock

Smart Lock allows you to unlock a smartphone running on the green robot automatically and without entering any PIN or password. Here's how to do it

We usually have several ways to unlock an Android smartphone. Depending on the model of the phone, we can access via password or PIN code or using one of the latest biometric technologies. And not only that. If we want, we can also use Smart Lock.

In contrast to previous systems, Smart Lock allows us to unlock a cell phone running with the green robot more quickly. There's no need to enter a series of numbers, let alone place your finger on the fingerprint reader. This is a security tool launched by Google and present mainly on the latest models of smartphones. It works in a very simple way. Depending on the chosen mode, Smart Lock will automatically unlock your Android device without any action on your part. In order to use it, you need to enable it first. Here's how to do it.

How to activate Smart Lock

In order to activate Smart Lock you just need to perform a series of quick steps, which will then allow you to unlock your Android smartphone with Google's new security tool. Exactly as it happens when you need to make changes to the green robot's phone, to begin with open the settings. Then click on "Security" and then "Smart Lock". At this point Android will ask you to enter the password or PIN code of the phone.

We anticipated that Smart Lock provides several modes of unlocking and they are: device with you, trusted places, trusted devices, trusted face and trusted voice. Let's try to understand how they work.

With Device with you, the smartphone unlocks when it is in contact with the user. There are several parameters that the intelligent system uses to unlock the phone. Using the phone's internal sensors, such as the accelerometer, the smartphone is able to understand if the gait belongs to the person who has the phone in his hand, pocket or bag. And not only that. Device with you also locks and unlocks the phone using body contact. To activate it, just click on the mode and follow the instructions provided by the app.

Let's move on to Trusted Places. How the option works is easy to guess. The phone will automatically unlock when the user is in certain places, such as at home. In order to use the tool, you must, of course, enable geolocation. Again, you can enable the feature from the Android settings. Next, from Smart Lock click on "Trusted Places" and add your locations. Here you will be able to choose between "Home" and "Custom Places".

Trusted Places. Smart Lock in this case activates unlocking when your smartphone is connected to another device: wireless speakers, fitness trackers, smartwatches and others. To use this option, just click on "Trusted devices" from Smart Lock and associate the trusted device to your phone. You can add Bluetooth or NFC items.

Trusted Face. Here, Android's security system uses users' face to unlock smartphones. Enabling it is simple. Also from Smart Lock, select "Trusted face" and enable the "Enhance face recognition" option. Finally, go ahead with the configuration, according to the instructions provided by Smart Lock.

Reliable Face. An Android smartphone with Smart Lock can also be unlocked using your own voice. It is a system that uses "Ok Google", that is, voice recognition. To enable it, you need to open the Google app, click on "Settings", select "Voice" and "Ok Google" detection and enable "From the Google App". Finally, just enable "Trusted voice" from "Okay Google".