How to unsubscribe from mailing lists that clog your inbox

Tired of receiving promotional messages or newsletters that you consider absolutely useless but clog your inbox? Here's how to do it.

Those who have been using the same e-mail address for several years, even if they have always been very careful not to accept the receipt of unwanted messages, and we're not just talking about spam, will now be bombarded with proposals to buy with phantasmagorical discounts, information from sites that you do not even remember ever having visited.

What can we say? A pain in the ass that takes away, among other things, valuable online space as well as wasting your time. It's true that many applications and services for email management - both web-based and on portable devices - have filters that automatically divert promotional newsletters and advertising messages into special tabs or folders. These folders should, however, be intended only for content that interests you. Are you ready to regain complete control of your inbox?

Using Email Application Tools

There are several solutions to get rid of advertisements, promotions and deals that are absolutely not to be missed. Apple, in iOS 10, added - for example - an unsubscribe link. If the app detects that the message is a subscription or promotional email, the unsubscribe button will appear at the top of the message. Tap the option and Apple will automatically send a message from you asking to be removed from the mailing list in question.

Use the free Unroll.Me service

Iphone owners should have the app available soon, while Android owners presumably next year. In the meantime, there is also the possibility to use Unroll.Me via the web. The service allows you to group all your incoming newsletters and messages from social media into one daily email, but also offers a very simple feature for a bulk subscription. How it works. You sign in to the service with your email address so that can check which newsletters and mailing lists you are subscribed to. ensures maximum security regarding your credentials. If you decide to rely on, the service will scan the senders of your inbox and the subject line to determine what is and is not a subscription email. Upon completion it will provide you with a list and you will decide what to keep and what you no longer wish to receive., at this point, will send an unsubscribe email to the senders. If some companies ask you to fill out a form to "get rid of them" will make sure that these messages are automatically trashed in your inbox.

Delete Yourself

If you want to venture into unsubscribing, you can try to unsubscribe from their mailing list via the "unsubscribe" option. Most email marketers, after all, offer this option. Some may have you fill out a quick survey of why you want to leave them, but it's not mandatory. At least not always...