How to update apps on Android

When Android apps don't update automatically, they stop working properly: here's how to update Android apps manually.

In many cases, apps on Android update automatically. However, it's not a given that this is the case, as sometimes this automatism doesn't click. That's why it's good to know how to update Android apps manually. In fact, a non-updated app often doesn't work as it should, maybe it crashes, or some of its potential is lost.

When it's time to update Android apps

There are some alarm bells that signal when something is wrong. Often, it's the apps themselves that give signals, stopping working properly or crashing suddenly. That means it's time to update your Android apps.

Automatically updating all apps on Android

To do automatic app updates on Android just go to the Play Store and enable automatic app updates by clicking on your profile picture in the upper left corner and going to "Settings". From there, you'll have to click on "Network Preferences" and enable automatic app updates, which can be limited only to when you're connected through Wi-Fi, which is recommended if you don't want to use up your gigabytes, or by allowing updates with any network.

Sometimes you prefer to be able to manage and control app updates. In this case it is better to avoid automatisms. Of course, these operations can be done manually. Still from your profile, you'll have to click the "Manage device apps" item and press "Update all". To make a more selective update, go to "View details": from here you can see the list of applications for which an update is possible and you can then go and update one by one those of interest.

Update a single app on Android

It can also happen, especially if you have little storage space on your phone, that you want to update a single app. This too is very simple: from the Play Store, in fact, you can manually search for the app you're interested in by typing its name into the search bar at the top. Click on the app you're interested in and then click on the "Update" button.

Download Android app updates without the Play Store

Android app updates can also be done without using the Play Store. In fact, there are also other Stores from which you can make updates. This is especially useful for smartphones that don't support the Google service. Of course, the apps in question must have been downloaded from the aforementioned stores.

This is the case, for example, with Huawei-branded smartphones, which have installed Huawei app Gallery, a dedicated store that can also be used on other smartphones, however, by downloading it from the appropriate site. This store also allows both the activation of automatic updates and the manual updating of individual apps of interest. To start the automatic ones, after opening the application, you will have to click on the "User" icon at the bottom right and from there access the "Settings" menu. At this point you'll just have to select "Automatic app update", choosing whether to allow it for Wi-Fi or for all network connections. If, on the other hand, you prefer to update a single app at a time, simply view the list of all those installed apps for which the update is available, and then press the "Update" button where it interests you.

Update some specific apps

It can also be useful to know the procedure for updating certain specific Android apps. One of them is Android Auto, which you use when you own a vehicle equipped with this innovative car-smartphone communication system. It can happen that this app stops working properly, and sometimes updating Android apps can be the best solution. Especially since there is a renewed version of the application since Android version 10.

It is a bit more complicated to update the Android TV operating system on your smart TV, with all the applications it contains. You'll have to access your home screen and click on the "Enter" button on the Play Store icon. Then you will have to go to the menu on the left and click on "My Apps". Here all the apps will appear and you will have to search for the ones you want to update, then choose the update option on the left.