How to upload photos to Instagram from PC or Mac

Instagram has updated the service and now you can upload photos and videos even without an app. But there's a trick to doing it from even computers

Usersers connected to Instagram's web app from a mobile device, before the latest update, could only browse, like, comment, search and view notifications, but couldn't post a picture.

Usersers will still not be able to post videos, use filters, share or view stories and access direct messages from the web version of the app. This news might already be good news for many, but not for those who have been waiting to be able to send images directly from their PCs. These are, in most cases, those people who take a lot of pictures and need to first send them to their smartphones and then upload them to Instagram. Those who use computers can use this simple trick to access the photo sharing option directly from the Instagram website. Here's how to do it.

How to upload pictures to Instagram from PC via Chrome

Open the Instagram web app and access the service in an incognito tab from the Chrome browsing window and in the private browsing mode in Safari Have you logged into the web version of Instagram? Good. Now simultaneously press the key combination CTRL+SHIFT+I which opens the "developer" window on the right side of the screen. At the top of the developer bar, click on the icon that looks like a "tablet" and then the words Elements. This ploy will basically change the website's view from that of a desktop to a smartphone, tricking Instagram into thinking that access is coming from a mobile device. At this point you should see - either at the top or bottom (we see it at the top) - the camera icon: use it to upload images directly from your PC.

How to upload images to Instagram from your PC via Safari

Apple browser users will need to first go to Preferences, then Advanced and check the box that says Show Developer menu in the menu bar. Open a private browsing window and set the Safari User Agent as iOS 10 > iPhone from the Developer menu. Now they will be able to see the Camera icon with which they can upload photos directly from their Mac.