How to use Android Device Manager

To avoid losing your smartphone, there's Android Device Manager, a free service that allows you to locate your smartphone from your PC: how to use it

Losing your phone or, even worse, having it stolen is a common fear for many people. No matter how careful you are not to leave your phone lying around, your smartphone is a part of your everyday life, and you often forget it somewhere. But even worse, you might have lost it. Finally, there's also the far more serious option of having it stolen. But what should you do when you can't find your device? Luckily, there is a service called Android Device Manager, very useful in these cases.

Android Device Manager: what it is

Android Device Manager is a completely free service available through the Google platform, which allows you to quickly locate your phone remotely, through the use of your PC. Not only that, but this service also allows you to control your smartphone remotely, primarily by making it ring so you can verify that it's not around. This is very useful if you think you have forgotten it somewhere and want to attract the attention of those around so they can locate it. If, on the other hand, you are certain that it has been stolen, or if you have lost it somewhere else, you can lock it using a special security code, and format it. Of course, this last option should only be considered when you know that you no longer have a chance to recover it.

How does Android Device Manager work

First of all, it is good to know that for the service to work, the device you want to locate needs to be turned on and connected to the Internet, as well as the location functions. Of course, if these things are deactivated, Android Device Manager will be of little use to you.

To verify the functioning of Android Device Manager on your smartphone, in order to make sure that it is activated correctly if you need it, you should go to the Android settings (the gear icon) and activate the geolocation option. Then you have to go to the Google entry and check the security settings: you have to activate the "Locate this device remotely" and "Allow remote lock and wipe" functions and Android Device Manager will start working automatically.

Find your smartphone with Android Device Manager

Now it is important to know step by step how to find your smartphone with Android Device Manager from PC. First of all, you'll have to log in to your computer with your Google account, which of course will have to be the same one associated with the device you need to locate. Once logged in, you'll be able to see the phone's geographic location. In the upper left corner you'll see some useful buttons to launch remote commands to the smartphone.

The functions, as said, are quite simple. There is the command that allows you to make the smartphone ring in order to check if it is nearby. Or there is the lock function, which allows you to lock your device through a special security code, with the display of a personalized message on the screen of the same. Finally, you can activate the delete function, which is able to format all the data that is present in the smartphone. This will prevent the person who took the phone from viewing the owner's sensitive data.

Manage Android Devices to Unlock Phone

Alternatively you can use Manage Android Devices to Unlock Phone, when needed. First you'll have to access using the Google login credentials that you also use on your phone. Then you'll have to select the icon for your device and click on the button next to "Reset device". This operation will erase all the data that is stored. In this way the phone will return to being as it was when it left the factory, without locks or passwords. Alternatively, always on the home page of the administration console, click on "Mobile Devices" and then "Unlock Device".

How to use Android Device Manager with other smartphones

If you don't have a PC at hand, you can still use Android Device Manager from another phone or tablet, through the official app.

How to delete device from the Android Device Manager

If you want to change your smartphone, it will be useful to delete the device from the Android Device Manager. This will allow you to stop synchronizing the data of the same. To delete it from the list of devices you'll have to access the Google admin console using your account. Then you'll have to click on "Mobile devices", and click on the three aligned dots. From here you'll then just have to click "Delete Device".