How to use bold on Facebook

Do you want to change the formatting of the characters within your Facebook statuses? Read this article! Find out how to write in bold on Facebook.

Facebook is one of the most used social networks in Italy, and over the years it has developed several improvements, to be more readable and smooth. However, there are also some flaws, including a rather monotonous font formatting. However, there are ways to write in bold on Facebook. First of all, one of the recently added effects, the one that allows you to write in colored boxes, which is a kind of boldface. However, this does not allow you to choose formatting options, such as bolding only one or two words. There are, for this, online services, which allow you to format a text to your liking and then paste it into the appropriate publication space of the social network.

The bold feature on Facebook

In 2017, a way to write in bold on Facebook was introduced, albeit with a formatting already preset. Using a smartphone, once you launch the application, you will have to enter the field that reads "What are you thinking?" and the screen for entering text will open. At the bottom of the text appears an icon with a multicolored square: typing on this you can choose your background. At this point, just write the desired message and it will automatically produce a bold text. Once finished, just click on Publish, in the upper right corner, in order to share your post. The same operation can also be done using your computer, in exactly the same way: just connect to the Facebook web page, log in, then follow the procedure outlined above.

How to write boldface on Facebook in stories

Stories, on social networks, are increasingly used, as they allow you to leave temporary messages, lasting 24 hours: sentences, images, videos. But how to write in bold on Facebook in stories? It's pretty easy. Using your tablet or smartphone, you'll just need to launch the corresponding app, then on the main screen locate the Create a Story button: this gives access to the publishing editor. At this point you have to press on the Text mode, which appears in the strip at the top, and type your message. Once you have chosen the sentence you want to publish, you have to press the button in the bottom center, where it says Clean: you'll have to keep clicking until the heading Title appears. In this way you'll get a bold text. Once finished, you'll just have to click on Finish and finally press the Share in History button. In other publishing modes, there are no text tools available that allow you to change the formatting.

You can also write bold text on Facebook in stories from your computer, with a very similar procedure. After logging in to your Facebook home page, you'll have to click on the Create a Story icon, in the top left corner: at this point a screen will appear where you'll have to select Create a story with text. In the next screen you'll see on the right the preview of the story, on the left the window in which to insert the text. Once the text has been inserted and the background color chosen, click on the dropdown menu with the word Clean and select Title. Finally you will just have to click on the button at the bottom with the designation Share in story, to publish.

Specific services for writing bold on Facebook

To write bold Facebook posts there are however some free services, although they do not always work properly on mobile devices. One of these is called YayText and is easy to use: just type in the text field the phrase you want to publish, choosing the desired formatting, then copy and paste it into the 'What are you thinking?' space on Facebook. Once you're done, just press Publish and the text will be entered with the desired formatting. An alternative to this system is Unicode Text Converter, a very easy and intuitive online service. Once connected to the corresponding web page, you'll just have to type the phrase you want to publish in the text field found under Convert plain text and press Show. A screen will follow with a list of fonts and styles, from which you'll select the one you want. Once you're done, just copy it into the Facebook post and publish.