How to use Facebook Messenger even without a Facebook account

If you're tired of Facebook, but stay for fear of losing your friends, there's a ploy to stay in touch with them via Facebook Messenger

Managing Facebook takes up a lot of time. If it's a pleasure for you, there's no reason to delete - or put on stand-by - your account. If, instead, the "game" has tired you because this amount of information has become unmanageable, nobody forces you to stay. If you still have the possibility to chat with your friends, maybe it's an extra incentive to say bye bye, or maybe just goodbye, to the social network.

Studies have shown that Facebook in particular has become an addiction for many. Instead of working, going to the gym, or meeting some friends "in the flesh", the social network "kidnaps" you until you lose track of time. Oltre che il lavoro, la forma fisica e gli amici… quelli reali (nella peggiore delle ipotesi). Non tutti sono Facebook-dipendenti, ma molti passano davvero molte ore a sfogliare profili, leggere post, commentare foto e a chattare. Alcuni, un po’ come per le sigarette, vorrebbero “smettere”, ma c’è sempre qualcosa che li trattiene. Se quello che temete di non poter più chattare con i vostri amici, sappiate che non è necessario avere un account di Facebook per farlo. E anche chi non si è mai iscritto al social network può usare Facebook Messenger.

Eliminare o disattivare l’account?

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È una distinzione molto importante da sapere. Se disattivate il vostro account, potete riattivarlo quando volete. Nel frattempo, però, le persone non possono vedere il vostro diario o cercarvi. Facebook saves everything in case you decide to reactivate it. If you decide, on the other hand, to delete your profile, you're off Facebook within 90 days, but if you reconnect in that time frame, the deletion is undone. It's up to you, but either way you're able to use Facebook Messenger.

How to use Facebook Messenger without having a Facebook account

If you're wondering if it's possible to get rid of your Facebook account while still staying in touch with friends via Facebook Messenger, the answer is yes. Let's assume that you decide to deactivate your account: there is always time to unsubscribe. So, go to the Account menu at the top right of any Facebook page, select Settings. Now click on Security in the left column, select Disable your account by clicking on Edit and follow the steps to confirm. Please note: leave the No more receiving messages on Messenger option untouched (no checkmark). Now your Facebook account is deactivated. All your Facebook data will be safe until you're ready to log in again to jump back into the fray. Now open Facebook Messenger on your smartphone, or log in via the website on your computer. Your Facebook credentials will still work for this, and you'll realize that you can continue to chat with all of your friends, and they'll be able to contact you via the Messenger app or the Facebook chat window.

I don't want to sign up, but chat

If you've never signed up for Facebook, or deleted your account (permanently), here's what you need to do to chat with your friends via Facebook Messenger. Download Facebook Messenger on iOS, Android or Windows Phone (if you haven't already done so previously). Open the app and enter your phone number and tap Continue. You will receive a code via SMS to confirm your number. Once this is done, type in your friends' phone number and start chatting.