How to use gestures with Windows 10

Microsoft in its operating system has included the ability to access some quick and hidden functions simply with finger touches

Microsoft with the Windows 10 operating system has improved gestures. That is, quick touches to be used for hidden functions. A system to improve the user experience that had already been introduced with Windows 8. However, not everyone knows how to access this feature on Windows 10.

Of course, gestures can be used by anyone who has a device with a touchpad or touch screen. It must be said, however, that not all laptop touchpads can support this feature. In order to use gestures, in fact, your notebook must have a precision touchpad. In order not to search through the various device information we can use a quick shortcut and figure out if the touchpad will be gesture-enabled. Let's go to Settings, then Devices and finally Mouse and Touchpad. If under touchpad we read the word precision we can start using these features.

Windows 10 gestures

The main gestures are set by default and are not customizable. Luckily, however, some of them (the three-finger ones especially) can be modified according to the gestures we make most often. In a similar way to how we do with the smartphone we'll be able to zoom in on a document on the screen thanks to the touch of two fingers. A touch on the touchpad will be equivalent to a click while if we scroll with two fingers we can manage the scroll of the page. If we drag three fingers we'll open the window for viewing the various open tasks. While a three-finger tap will open the Start menu. With three fingers, if moved to the right or left, we will be able to jump from one open page to another.

The gestures don't work?

For some reason, despite the presence of the precision touchpad, it is possible that the gestures do not work. Don't worry, we can fix this by updating our touchpad drivers. It is also possible that the problem is the opposite. That is, we have updated the drivers over time and the latest installed is not compatible with Windows 10 gestures. No problem just do a downgrade, ie go back to the previous version, and we'll solve the problems.