How to use iPhone animoji on Android

Apple presented a year or so ago the Animoji on iPhone X, that is, the cute personalized faces in augmented reality, here's how to use them on Android too

One of the innovative features presented by Apple with iPhone X in 2017 were the Animoji. If you don't know them, these are cute animated faces, often depicting animals or fantasy characters, which thanks to augmented reality simulate the expressions of our face.

Obviously, for a long time Animoji remained exclusive to iOS devices. However, now you can use these cute and innovative faces to communicate on apps and social media on Android as well. Ok, maybe it won't be the indispensable feature that users with Google's operating system envied to those who own an iPhone, but it's still a nice new feature that will make our informal chats with friends and family more fun.

How to use Animoji on our Android smartphones

Let's face it: on Android we won't be using Anomoji exactly, but imitations created by third-party developers to make up for this lack on the green robot's phones. The original Animoji in fact are exclusive to iPhone X, iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max because they are generated with the augmented reality and face recognition sensors that Cupertino phones have. These are features, however, that even the latest Android smartphones possess, which is why some developers have created a counterpart of the Animoji, which basically work the same way as those of Apple. The most efficient and convenient tool to use on Android to be able to create and share cute Animoji, or if we simply want to call them custom animated faces, is Animoji for phone X +Live Emoji Face Swap Emoticon.

Okay, the name is quite complicated and surely the developers did not have the gift of synthesis but we assure you that using this application is much easier than repeating the name.

Once you have installed the application, which is totally free on Google Play Store, launch it and it will automatically open the front camera of your smartphone. At this point we can choose our favorite filters to add to our cartoon-style avatar. We can either take a picture with AR filters or record a small video, in this case we will automatically create a GIF with our Animoji. Once the GIF is created it can be shared with practically any messaging application.

If Animoji for phone X +Live Emoji Face Swap Emoticon doesn't satisfy us fully we can try other similar applications designed to bring Animoji to Android. All of them work the same way, you open the front camera and start making funny faces while choosing the filters to apply to our avatar. Some of the better alternatives for Android include Supermoji and MSQRD (which also lets you swap faces with another person).