How to use Memoji on WhatsApp

With the latest version of iOS, you can send animated Memoji even to contacts who don't have an iPhone. All you have to do is use Whatsapp. Here's how to do it

Since Apple released iOS 13 on September 19, 2019, little by little the chats in smartphones around the world (including Android ones) have been filled with a new kind of "smilies": Memoji.

Exclusive to Apple, Memoji are the "me" version, because it represents ourselves (or at least it looks like us, if we have the patience to thoroughly customize the Memoji), and 3D of classic Emoji, and an evolution of Animoji (animal-themed smilies): they are three-dimensional drawings of our face created by the latest iPhones, which from iOS 13 can also be sent via third-party apps, such as WhatsApp. And from these apps, even those who don't have an iPhone can then save and re-share these images with other contacts. But before sharing them, Memojii need to be created and customized.

How to create a Memojii on iPhone

Unfortunately, Memoji are exclusive to Apple: only those with an iPhone (6 and up, because you need iOS 13) can make them via the iMessage app. Those who have a previous iPhone or an Android smartphone have no way to create a Memoji: at most they can create a similar smiley, using other apps like Zepeto or Samsung Emojii AR.

But let's get back to how to create a Memoji on iPhone: after opening the iMessage app, and tapping on the menu with the three dots, we must choose "New Memojii". Then we'll have to customize the face with skin color and eye color, the shape of the face, lips, eyebrows, teeth, beard and hair and other "accessory" details such as jewelry or hats.

At the end of the path the final Memojii will be created: in 3D on iPhone X, in 2D on all other Apple smartphones. With iPhone X and 11-inch or 12.9-inch Pad Pro, you can create animated Memojii. At this point, after finishing our Memoji, we can send the result to our friends via WhatsApp (or other instant messaging apps).

How to use Memojii on Android

Those who don't have an iPhone, therefore, cannot create a Memoji. But all is not lost: you can ask a friend of ours who owns an iPhone with iOS 13 to create one, or more, for us and send it to us on WhatsApp. When we receive it we can add it like any other sticker to the Emojii keyboard and reuse it whenever we want, in any chat with any of our contacts.