How to use multiple Facebook accounts on the same browser

To open multiple Facebook accounts on Chrome you need to install Session Box, a very easy to install and use extension

Facebook is a social that lends itself to various uses. From simple entertainment to marketing for businesses. It must be said that the developers frequently update the algorithms to implement new functions.

There are several cases in which we need to use several Facebook accounts at the same time. Normally to do this operation we have to open different browsers. Because if we open a new window the browser will recognize our previous login and will take us back to the main page of our profile. Fortunately, in Chrome you can open multiple pages of different Facebook accounts in the same browsing session. You don't need a lot of skills or knowledge to do this, you just need to install a special extension designed for Google Chrome.

How Session Box works

The extension in question is called Session Box. It is a totally free solution that allows you to open multiple pages of the same social network but with different profiles without having to change browsers and without using incognito browsing. Starting to use Session Box is very easy. Once you have installed the extension, you only have to perform a few actions. Remember that on Chrome the extensions can be found in the menu (the icon with three vertical dots) under Other Tools. To open a new Facebook page with a new account just click on the extension icon and then click on the + symbol next to the name of the social network. Once this operation is done, a new page of the social network will be opened automatically and we will be able to insert the access credentials.

The functionalities of Session Box

To avoid confusion Session Box also allows a good customization for the various pages of the social network opened until that moment. For example, we will be able to give a name to the various open pages, but also to distinguish them using identification colors. Remember that this extension can be used on Facebook but also on all sites that require a login. To simplify the management and the movements on the various open sessions Session Box also has some hotkeys to use to make everything faster. Last but not least, the extension protects the user's privacy and prevents the sites opened during the various sessions from monitoring our movements.