How to use SKEDit, the app to schedule messages on WhatsApp

SKEDit allows you to set the time to publish a post on Facebook or when to make a call. Here's how it works

To be able to schedule the automatic publication of posts on Facebook, messages on WhatsApp and the start of calls is the dream of every person who works in the world of communication. Facebook offers the possibility to set the date and time of publication of posts, but on WhatsApp this possibility is not there. Nor is it possible to automatically start work calls. But with a new app available on the Google Play Store, all this becomes possible.

We are talking about SKEDit, an app that allows you to have complete control over your work life. The app is very useful especially for social media managers and those who work in the world of communication. But also for simple users who want to have more control over their online life. In addition to scheduling messages on WhatsApp and Facebook, SKEDit also allows you to schedule the time of SMS, emails and calls.

How SKEDit works

Using SKEDit is really very simple. After downloading it for free from the Google Play Store (it's only available for Android users) you need to register (you can do this using your Facebook account). Once in the home page, you'll be able to decide whether to set the time of publication of a post on Facebook, a message on WhatsApp, an SMS, an email or a call. After choosing what to schedule, the user will be able to decide both what to write in the message and the date and time. To keep track of all the scheduled tasks, you can consult the ad hoc section. Also, before the scheduled message is posted on Facebook or the email is sent, SKEDit sends a notification to the user in case they want to make any changes to the message.

For those who work in the world of communication and are looking for a tool that allows you to schedule Facebook posts or send emails, SKEDit is one of the best available for Android.