How to use special characters on Whatsapp

In this article, we'll explain how to create some of the most used special characters on Whatsapp, in chat and status, and how you can get different ones.

Before understanding how to make special characters on Whatsapp, it may be necessary to identify some of the operating features of this app. For Android and iOS, the messaging app is free and includes many features that are almost identical. These include the ability to create groups, connect via desktop with a QR Code, send messages without special foreign rates, and send free multimedia content, such as photos, audio and video at no additional cost. The app also allows you to initiate video calls and online calls.

Whatsapp iOS and Android have few differences, mainly in appearance and aesthetics. Within the chat with special characters on Whatsapp between the two operating systems can change keyboard details, such as gifs and emoji available, but the video call, call and attachments option is the same for both operating systems.

To insert Whatsapp special characters the process is similar: the first step is to start a conversation. If the chat is not already open, for example in the case of a group or a previously started conversation, you need to access the app and click on the pencil symbol. This will start a new message, in which you will have to enter the name of the recipient from the address book or the phone number. Also for Whatsapp Web the procedure is similar and there are no differences in the insertion of special characters.

Whatsapp special characters: what are they

With the term "Whatsapp special characters" can be indicated different types of writings. Infatti per moltissime persone con questo nome si intendono formattazioni particolari, che possono essere create semplicemente digitando specifici simboli sulla tastiera dell’app.

Per ottenere questi caratteri speciali Whatsapp sono sufficienti dei facili passaggi. Tra i più utilizzati ci sono:

  • il grassetto, che viene creato inserendo all’inizio e alla fine della parola l’asterisco, quindi la parola viene scritta *parola* su Whatsapp
  • il corsivo, che prevede l’utilizzo del trattino basso all’inizio e alla fine della parola su Whatsapp, quindi _parola_
  • il barrato, che si può ottenere tra i caratteri speciali Whatsapp inserendo la tilde all’inizio e alla fine della parola, quindi ~parola~
  • il monospazio, che richiedere l’impiego dell’apice prima e dopo la parola, quindi “`parola“`.

How to make special characters on Whatsapp

For other people, special characters on Whatsapp are instead different fonts, which can have different features such as shiny feints, colors and symbols. Some of these fonts have cursive, circled letters, with symbols or doubles that are very original and can be used not only in the chat, but also in the status and stories.

Knowing how to make special fonts on Whatsapp again is very simple. To get these original fonts you may need to download specific apps or convert the text thanks to specialized online sites. In fact, there are no ways to search and publish them directly from the messaging app, unlike gifs and emoji.

Most platforms for special fonts on Whatsapp are free and consist of a simple search bar where you enter the text. Then you just need to choose the character you want to use and convert it. All you need to do is to copy and paste the desired phrase on Whatsapp to get the effect of special characters.

The only downside of these sites specialized in converting and making Whatsapp special characters is that, being completely free, they might contain several advertisements, which can be annoying.

Changing Whatsapp Status with Special Characters

As anticipated, special characters on Whatsapp can be used not only for original writing in chats. In groups, single chats or broadcast messages these special fonts can be used in every Whatsapp interaction. Moreover, these original and custom fonts are also unique to be placed within your status.

Whatsapp status is a method of publishing content, such as writings, photos, videos and memes, that lasts only 24 hours. After this short time, the content is deleted. To insert the special characters on Whatsapp in the status, you will just need to type the fonts as anticipated or copy and paste from the specialized platforms the converted writing.