How to use Telegram on your Smart TV

Telegram is an instant messaging app on the launching pad: also compatible with smart TVs, it also comes in handy for keeping up to date on TV series

Telegram is a free instant messaging app that is very popular, probably in the West it represents the only fearsome rival to WhatsApp along with Messenger, which however is not a rival because it is always of the Facebook group. Telegram was born in Russia from an idea of Pavel Durov in 2013, but it took just a few years to become famous and today it is one of the most widely used apps in the world.

The reasons, for those who already use it, are well known: it guarantees a considerable level of privacy and security, allows the use of bots or software capable of automating certain operations, and can be used by any widespread platform, so smartphones, tablets, Windows or Mac machines, and even smart TVs. Thanks to its qualities, many services have been developed in a very short time, including numerous groups in which to speak freely without concern for privacy, and channels, through which the creator of the channel itself can share information, news or links, directly to members. So for example you can exchange previews, trailers, details, speculations, etc. on many contents, including movies, TV series. In Telegram channels you can, for example, find a lot of information about the latest episodes of your favorite series, in groups you can discuss them all together. So why not use Telegram directly on the TV? Here's how to do it.

Option 1: Telegram app on smart TV

The absolute most effective, convenient and safe way to use Telegram on your smart TV is to use the official app, but this is not always possible because the official app for the operating system you use on your TV may not be available.

The Telegram app is available for TVs with Android TV operating system and for set top boxes with Android operating system and, therefore, you have to go through the Play Store, so you can't get it on all those TVs that don't have the Play Store. Where there is, however, just open the app, type Telegram in the search bar and press Install at the app.

The initial setup is just as simple: just enter your phone number, wait for the confirmation code and enter it in the appropriate screen on the smart TV. From that moment on, using Telegram on the Smart TV will be like using it on the PC: chats and all the information will be automatically synchronized with those on the phone.

So if we write something on the Telegram app for the smartphone, almost immediately we'll see it appear on the TV as well.

Option 2: Telegram mirroring on smart TV

Option number two actually, given the lack of Telegram app for other operating systems (such as Tizen OS on Samsung TVs, or Web OS on LG TVs), is the one that's most popular: screen mirroring, that is, wireless transmission to the TV of what's displayed on the screen of the smartphone, tablet, PC or device where you use Telegram.

Most smart TVs natively allow mirroring, for example through Miracast technology. The procedure depends on the model, but you can usually find it in the smart TV's settings and the steps are not complicated.

The alternative is to switch from a TV stick such as Amazon Fire TV Stick or Google Chromecast. On the Fire TV Stick, mirroring is simple: on Android smartphones/tablets, just go to settings and search for screen duplication, then select Amazon Fire TV Stick from the list; on iPhones and iPads, just open the Control Center, tap the Duplicate Screen button and select Amazon Fire TV Stick from the list as well.

On Chromecast, instead, you need to go through the (free) Google Home app, from which you need to select the Transmit Screen item. An exception is the recent Chromecast 4K with Android TV, in which the Play Store is integrated, so you can follow the steps in the previous paragraph.