How to use the Helbiz app for scooter rental

Helbiz is an app created with the aim of solving the problem of transportation in large urban areas through scooter rental. Here's how it works.

The scooter, electric or not, is now one of the most popular transportation systems, especially in large cities, where it is necessary to move quickly but without cumbersome means. However, it is not necessarily necessary to buy one: the rental service is in fact very convenient, especially when the scooter is needed for a limited time. And the Helbiz app is the ideal tool for renting scooters.

How to register with Helbiz

First of all, it's good to know that to use Helbiz there is an app that you can install on your smartphone, whether it's Android or iOS. To use it, you must register by creating an account through Facebook, Google or Apple profiles, or by entering your email. Once the registration is complete, you will receive a code on your cell phone, which will be used to validate the registration. You will then need to enter a copy of your ID card and of course the desired payment system.

How does Helbiz work

So how does Helbiz work for the sharing service? The app uses your smartphone's gps to identify which free vehicles are nearby, so you can reach them, but it is also able to track the route to get there. So once you've found the vehicle you want to rent, simply click on "start the ride" and scan the corresponding QR code with your phone's camera. You can then use the scooter for as long as necessary. To stop the scooter, click on "End ride" and take a picture of the parked vehicle. It will not be necessary to look for a parking station: the Helbiz service foresees that it is sufficient to park the vehicle in a responsible way on a sidewalk.

How to use Helbiz

Helbiz is available, for now, only in some Italian cities: it will be possible to know which ones by consulting the map inside the application, which will also indicate in which radius it is possible to move with the means. There are in fact three different types of zones. The green zones are the Helbiz zones within which it is possible to use and park vehicles. In the red ones it is not allowed to go. If you move into these areas, your vehicle will be blocked automatically. In addition, driving outside the green area means having to pay the cost of recovering the vehicle. If instead Helbiz detects red zones in the green areas, it means that in those areas you cannot circulate with electric mobility. The yellow zones, always within the green areas, are instead pedestrian areas or areas with mobility restrictions in which there are speed limits of 6 km/h.

What does it cost to use Helbiz

The beauty of Helbiz is the rather low cost and accessible to all. With Helbiz, the scooter has a fixed cost, which is charged to unlock the vehicle and get the ride started. In addition, you are charged a per-minute rate that can vary depending on the city in which you are. You can use your credit card to pay, or Google Pay, Apple Pay, Tinaba or Alipay. But it is also possible to charge an amount using a kind of rechargeable account to be used specifically to pay for rentals, the Helbiz Wallet. Those who use this service can access the Helbiz Unlimited subscription: paying €29.99 per month will allow unlimited rides, up to a maximum of 30 minutes per day.