How to use the “I’m staying home” tag in Instagram Stories

The "I'm staying home" tag to post within Stories has appeared on Instagram. Here's how it works and how to use it

"I'm staying home". It's now a phrase we hear so many times in the news and on TV. And now Instagram is joining the classic media by launching a sticker to be included in their Instagram Stories dedicated to the theme. Who has entered in recent days on the social network will have noticed a large increase in images posted by users around the world that tell how they are living these days of quarantine.

Remaining at home is essential to decrease the spread of Covid-19 that especially in northern Italy is bringing the population and hospitals to their knees. Instagram has seen fit to raise awareness of the issue by launching the new "I'm staying home" sticker that can be used in Instagram Stories. All images posted with the sticker are collected in a sort of necklace and highlighted on the user's homepage. The sticker is available for everyone and using it is very simple: here's how to do it.

Instagram Stories: how the sticker I stay at home works

The stickers are one of the tools developed by Instagram to customize the Stories, the type of content most used by users in recent years. And among the stickers also appeared "I'm staying home", the initiative launched by Instagram to raise awareness among users, especially younger ones, to respect the rules and not to go out unless necessary. We are living in a difficult period and the only way to slow down the spread of the virus is to stay at home.

Posting pictures on Instagram is a good way to deal with this period of quarantine and using an ad hoc sticker creates a sort of sense of belonging to a community. Using the sticker "I'm staying at home" in your Instagram Stories is really very simple: first you have to launch the application and enter the area dedicated to Stories. At this point you have to take a picture and in the area dedicated to customization tap the icon with the smiley face. A list will open with all the available stickers and the first one is "I'm staying at home". Just select it to see it appear on your image and the user has maximum freedom on where to place it. Once the customization is complete, you can publish the photo as if it were a normal Instagram Story. Your friends, however, will not see it in the classic way, but the image will be included in the collection "iorestoacasa", featured on the homepage.

Also on your profile you will see a circle with the words "iorestoacasa". These are all the Instagram Stories posted by people you follow who have used the sticker.