How to use the new Facebook Live Location feature on iPhone

If you want to activate the Facebook Live Location feature on your iPhone, you need to perform a few very simple and immediate steps

It's only been a few days since Facebook, which has been very active on the news front lately, introduced a feature that allows you, for a certain period of time, to share your location in real time on Messenger.

The feature, available on Android devices and those that run on Apple's operating system, can be used both within group conversations and also in individual chats. Once shared, the "Live Location" can be viewed by one or more contacts for up to 60 minutes. After this time - which can be controlled through a small clock located on the right side at the bottom of the map - the location will no longer be accessible. What's more, if a user changes his mind and doesn't want to be tracked anymore, you'll also have the possibility to stop sharing at any time. All it takes is a click.

How to activate Facebook Live Location on iOS

To take advantage of the new Facebook Messenger Live Location feature is very simple. And the operation is similar in both the Android app and the iPhone and iPad app. Let's see how to activate the tool on iOS in conversations. The first thing to do, of course, is to choose the chat with which you want to share the location. Next, we'll have to go look for the famous blue arrow icon. If it isn't visible in the bar, click on the button that allows adding new icons (to be clear, it is the rectangular one with three horizontal dots inside it). The device will tell us that it will access our location. And at this point the feature is active. A lot of information will be displayed on the map, including estimates of arrival times.