How to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone

By creating a virtual secondary environment, it is possible to install WhatsApp twice on the same mobile device using two different numbers

WhatsApp, the instant messaging app most loved by users, has entered our lives on a permanent basis. First there is the application with the green logo, then there are all the others. As is known, we can use WhatsApp to send and receive messages, photos, videos and make video calls.

One thing, however, is not yet possible to do with WhatsApp: manage two accounts on the same device. Even if you have a smartphone with dual SIM cards. On Android, as well as on devices produced by the bitten apple, the application, in fact, does not allow you to "govern" two profiles at the same time. A limitation that WhatsApp shares with many other instant messaging apps. In reality, departing from the "main" road, there would be a way to get around this barrier. And it revolves around the possibility of generating a secondary virtual environment. A sort of second smartphone inside the same device.

Two accounts thanks to guest mode

The easiest way to install two versions of WhatsApp on your smartphone is to resort to guest mode. This is a feature that creates a second profile, separate from the main one. In this virtual space, users will be able to download other applications, including WhatsApp. If the device is Dual Sim, activating a secondary WhatsApp account will be very simple. It will be enough, in fact, to activate the option "Add guest" from the smartphone, install the application again and verify the profile using the second phone number. And if you don't have a smartphone with dual SIM? No worries. Just insert the card into another cell phone and add the validation code received manually.

Samsung My Knox

Another very useful trick to overcome the limitations of WhatsApp and, therefore, manage two profiles is to use applications. Among the most important ones, which allow you to create a virtual and parallel space, there is Samsung My Knox. The app has, however, a limitation: it is not compatible with all mobile devices, but only on those made by the South Korean company. That said, let's take a look at how to use Samsung My Knox to install two separate versions of WhatsApp.

My Knox is an app that allows you to increase security on Samsung devices. The app, in fact, creates a sort of virtual workspace within which to shelter apps and data on the devices. And within the parallel space it is also possible, once you have installed the app and registered your profile (which requires the inclusion of your email address and a PIN code), to continue with the installation of a secondary version of WhatsApp. To activate the new profile, the same as above applies: all you need is a smartphone with two SIM cards or a second cell phone.

Parallel Space - Multi Account

And let's close with Parallel Space - Multi Account. This is an application that, like the previous methods, allows you to activate multiple accounts on the same mobile device. And not only of WhatsApp. With Parallel Space you can install two versions of Facebook, Instagram and even two profiles of games apps. The operating system on which Parallel Space is based is identical to the one described above and is based on the creation of a secondary virtual environment. The application is customizable and also allows you to manage dual identities easily.