How to use WhatsApp from a tablet without a SIM card

By practicing a number of tricks you can use WhatsApp even on devices that are not SMS-enabled

WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging app, can be installed on smartphones and tablets. And not only that. For some time now, it is also possible to access the application directly from PC thanks to WhatsApp Web.

Today we will see how to put WhatsApp on iPad and tablets Samsung, Asus, Lenovo, etc., distinguishing in particular between tablets with SIM and tablets without SIM Card. If you think that in the second case it is impossible, you only have to follow the instructions that we will give you!

How to download WhatsApp on tablets with SIM?

In general, WhatsApp requires that the device is prepared to receive SMS. And the reason, as we know, is quite simple: the app uses the service to send users a verification number, without which they would not be able to access the account. All you have to do, in fact, is download WhatsApp from the online store (Google Play Store for Android and App Store for Apple) and follow the instructions, which include precisely the inclusion of a phone number to be associated with a profile.

Not all tablets, however, have a SIM card, which serves both for the data connection and to receive calls and messages. It would not be possible to install WhatsApp on these devices. Or would it?

How to install WhatsApp on tablets without a SIM card?

WhatsApp works without a SIM card? Yes, using some loopholes you can put WhatsApp on iPad and other tablets even if they do not have a SIM card. After all, the SIM is only required during the initial setup of the app, so as to verify the user's phone number. Later, however, to allow the operation of this messaging platform, you just need to connect your device to a wireless network.

But how is it possible to activate WhatsApp without SIM? The procedure is very simple and does not require any special computer skills. First, you need to download WhatsApp from the online store. After that, the app will have to be installed. After this step, we come to the most important (and apparently most difficult) one: receiving the validation code.

The paths that can be taken to solve this type of problem are different. Let's see them in detail

Use an old SIM

The first solution is to use an old SIM that you no longer use and that has never been associated with a WhatsApp account. In this case you need to connect your device to a wireless network and download the official WhatsApp client. Once you have done this, you must click on the "Accept and continue" button and type in the number of the old cell phone. After saying "OK", it is essential to wait for the arrival of the message on your old phone with the activation code of the service, which must be reported on the smartphone on which you want to install WhatsApp and proceed to the creation of the account.

Use WhatsApp without a SIM card thanks to a temporary number

Unfortunately, installing WhatsApp without a phone number is not possible. However, if you do not have an old SIM on which to send the activation code of the application, you can act in another way, that is, by connecting to Google and looking for a temporary phone number. In fact, on the internet there are sites that allow you to use disposable phone numbers, designed precisely to receive activation text messages from various services, a sort of fake number for WhatsApp. In fact, it is good to specify that finding one that can be used for this important messaging portal is not easy, as it is likely that the numbers made available have already been used to activate other accounts. However, it is good to try and not get discouraged right away. Usually, such sites do not require email registrations, nor do they require phone numbers to be used as confirmation of your identity. If you come across sites that require some sort of registration or money, look elsewhere.

WhatsApp Web

Few people know that you can also use WhatsApp from your computer, thanks to the WhatsApp Web feature. However, this service is also accessible from tablets and smartphones, simply by activating the browser's desktop view mode. It should be specified, however, that in this way it is not possible to get a new WhatsApp account, but only a repetition of the one you have on your phone. Those who wish to take this route must open the browser on the tablet or SIM-free smartphone on which they want to use WhatsApp, connect to and activate the desktop view of the browser. Then select "WhatsApp Web" from the menu and frame the QR code that appears on the screen of the smartphone/tablet without SIM.

SIM for WhatsApp

To finish, on the market you can also find SIM cards with their own phone number, specifically designed to use WhatsApp, but also Facebook Messenger, Telegram, BBM and more, in many countries around the world, without having to worry about roaming costs. This solution is useful for those who travel a lot outside Europe, but quite expensive. Once you have purchased the card, you need to carry out the activation process via the official website that provides the service and configure the APNs on your smartphone, taking care to follow the instructions given.